Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – “In Search of Truth” Quest Solution

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“In Search of Truth” is by far the most extensive questline in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. You will need to investigate a total of twelve individual episodes that are connected to Zelda’s disappearance. However, the effort is worth it because at the end, you will receive the rare Toad Set!

Let’s take a look at all the rewards:

Depending on how many tasks you complete in the episode series, you will receive increasingly better rewards. While the numerous rubies are great, the most important reward is, of course, the Toad Set. When you wear this armor, you can climb effortlessly even in the rain and won’t slip anymore. The rewards increase as follows:

– Episode 1: 50 Rubies
– Episode 2: 50 Rubies and Shamrock Courier Fabric
– Episode 3: 70 Rubies
– Episode 4: 50 Rubies and Toad Suit
– Episode 5: 100 Rubies
– Episode 6: 100 Rubies
– Episode 7: 120 Rubies
– Episode 8: 120 Rubies
– Episode 9: 100 Rubies and Toad Boots
– Episode 10: 150 Rubies
– Episode 11: 200 Rubies
– Episode 12: 300 Rubies
– Final Reward: Toad Hood

Now, let’s go through all the episodes of the “In Search of Truth” questline.

You start “In Search of Truth” with Kletis at the Shamrock Courier. The Shamrock Courier is located in the Tabanta Borderlands, east of the Orni village. When you head towards the Orni, you won’t miss the building as it is right in front of the broken bridge of the village. In this questline, you need to visit twelve stables in Hyrule where you will receive the corresponding tasks from Paen. We have marked all the locations for you on the map. The order in which you tackle the episodes is irrelevant. We will show you the solutions for all the quests in short video guides below.

1. The Chicken Oracle
Start Point: South Akkala Stable (No. 1 on our map)

2. Oh, Sweet Princess
Start Point: Mountain Stable (No. 2 on our map)

3. A Serenade for the Great Fairy
Start Point: Forest Stable (No. 3 on our map)

4. Missing Garden Tools
Start Point: Swamp Stable (No. 4 on our map)

5. Gourmet in Distress
Start Point: River Stable (No. 5 on our map)

6. Princess Zelda Kidnapped?!
Start Point: Twin Peaks Stable (No. 6 on our map)

7. Eerie Voice
Start Point: Highland Stable (No. 7 on our map)

8. The Sealed Source
Start Point: Canyon Stable (No. 8 on our map)

9. The Seeking Help
Start Point: Plain Stable (No. 9 on our map)

10. Princess on the Monster
Start Point: New Maritta Stable (No. 10 on our map)

11. The Sorrow of Goats
Start Point: Tabanta Bridge Stable (No. 11 on our map)

12. Zelda’s Golden Horse
Start Point: Snowland Stable (No. 12 on our map)

Embrace the challenge and complete the “In Search of Truth” questline to uncover the mystery behind Zelda’s disappearance and obtain the valuable Toad Set. Good luck, and may the Triforce be with you!

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