YouTube: New Anti-Adblock Campaign Now Affects Android Users Too

Elizabeth Harper

**YouTube doesn’t want freeloaders and is cracking down on users of ad blockers.**

YouTube is stepping up their efforts against users of ad blockers, and not just on desktop anymore. They have now decided to exclude Android users from watching videos if the YouTube system detects an active ad blocker. These users will be prevented from playing the videos. Unlike on desktop, users will be directly blocked and will not be given three chances. YouTube’s message is clear: they do not accept ad blockers, and users will only be allowed to play videos if ad blockers are disabled. For those who don’t want ads, they are directed to YouTube Premium (€11.99 per month). Recently, YouTube publicly announced that they are testing additional versions to detect ad blockers. However, their main focus is to take action against viewers who repeatedly ignore “requests for ad approval.” The YouTube community has accused the platform of being greedy for money. _Follow us on Google News and join the conversation in the Smartdroid Chat on Telegram. Links marked with * are affiliate links._

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