Where is the nearest McDonald’s near me?

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Are you on the go and feeling hungry? Then you might be wondering where the nearest McDonald’s is. If you have your smartphone handy, you can quickly find the location of the closest branch. You can find the exact position either through Google Maps or the McDonald’s app. ## Finding McDonald’s locations nearby

The advantage of the McDonald’s app is that it keeps all locations up to date. A branch may not be listed on Google Maps, but using the app saves you from installing an additional application. You can download the McDonald’s app for free here for Android and iOS. With the McDonald’s app, you can find out where the nearest restaurant is:

1. Install the **McDonald’s application** on your Android smartphone or iPhone. The application is free. 2. Tap on ” **More** ” in the menu bar. 3. Select ” **Restaurants** “. 4. Allow access to the location data of your device. This is the only way the app can determine the nearest branch based on your current position. 5. The map will open. The blue dot indicates your current location. The **red and yellow marker** shows the nearby branch. 6. Swipe your finger across the map. If you see more red dots, these are additional restaurants. 7. Tap on a dot to see **additional information** such as opening hours and the exact distance. 8. Press “Show details” and then ” **Directions** “. This will redirect you to “Google Maps” and you can be navigated directly to the location. If you’re at home on your PC, open the website of the restaurant chain and click on “Restaurants” at the top. Then you can search for locations by postal code or browse directly on the map to see where the burger joints are distributed in Germany. ## Finding McDonald’s branches on Google Maps

Alternatively, you can also directly access Google Maps to find out where the nearest McDonald’s is:

1. Open Google Maps in your browser or on your smartphone. 2. Enter ” **McDonald’s** ” in the search field and display the locations. 3. All found branches will be **marked with a red dot**. 4. Tap on the marker to plan the route to the desired branch. If you want to plan your restaurant visit in advance, you can first go to the destination in Google Maps and then search for “McDonald’s”. This way, the branches will be displayed at the desired location, not near you.

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