Where can I find a cigarette vending machine nearby? You are in a foreign city or have just moved and want to know where the nearest cigarette vending machine is? Instead of aimlessly walking the streets, you can take out your smartphone and have the relevant locations displayed to you. For Android smartphones, there are apps that show you the locations of cigarette vending machines. This way, you can get your hands on some cigarettes when the pack is empty, the supermarket is closed, and the gas station is too far away. ## Finding a nearby cigarette vending machine through an app

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While Google Maps shows many interesting places nearby, the overview of cigarette vending machines is relatively small. For a quick solution, you can try your luck with Google’s map service and simply enter the corresponding term in the search bar to see the locations. To get vending machines in your vicinity displayed, location services and GPS signals should be enabled on your smartphone. Android users can also install apps like “Box Locator” or “Find Cigarette Vending Machine.” The former shows various types of vending machines on a map. In addition to cigarette vending machines, it also shows locations of DHL package stations or mailboxes, as well as snack and beverage vending machines. With the appropriate filter, you can quickly find the desired vending machine on a map. The data is entered into the database by other users via Openstreetmap. The second app only shows cigarette vending machines nearby. Please note that both apps rely on user data, and vending machines may have been removed in the meantime. ## Nearby cigarette vending machines: App for iPhone?

Currently, iPhone users **do not have an app available in the App Store** to display relevant vending machines. There used to be some apps like “Cigarette Vending Machine Finder,” but these applications have since been removed from the App Store. With future iOS versions, there may also be the possibility to access alternative app sources on the iPhone. It might be possible to find corresponding applications through that.

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