Whatsapp Blue: Beware of this Messenger Scam

Alana Grace

This sneaky scam is not new, but it keeps resurfacing. Just a moment ago, during a short investigation, we immediately found several websites offering Blue Whatsapp alias Whatsapp Blue for download. But here’s the rule: stay away.

The request to install Blue Whatsapp often comes from Whatsapp itself. They offer a new blue theme for the popular messaging app. Sometimes, Whatsapp Blue also promises additional features, new fonts, or enhanced privacy protection to entice users to install it.

However, those who install the blue Whatsapp often end up with malware. In some cases, Blue Whatsapp also causes unintentional clicks or taps on advertisements, generating unwanted advertising revenue. The negative consequences of Blue Whatsapp appear to vary and are not fully known in all cases. But one thing is certain: Whatsapp does not have an official blue variant.

Only from unofficial download sources

Important: Whatsapp Blue is not available on the App Store or Google Play. Instead, users are always lured to dubious download sites, from where they should download and install the corresponding APK file.


Whatsapp Blue was introduced in 2021. Since then, this alleged Whatsapp variant has been unstoppable. There is also a version of this scam that makes Whatsapp appear in pink. Likewise, there is an alleged Whatsapp Plus. You should definitely keep your hands off all of them.

How to protect yourself

There is only one Whatsapp, and it’s green. There is also no Whatsapp Plus from Meta/Whatsapp. The only legitimate Whatsapp variant for professional use is Whatsapp Business, which you can download for iOS and for Android.

Download Whatsapp exclusively [here] for iOS and [here] for Android. Avoid downloading alleged Whatsapp variants from any kind of website or through download links in emails or Whatsapp messages.

You have already installed Whatsapp Blue?

Then delete the app immediately and install an up-to-date antivirus scanner. Scan your smartphone with it.

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