VPN Gate Review 2023: Is It Worth Using this Free VPN Service?

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VPN Gate is a free VPN service operated by volunteers around the world, launched in 2013 and run by the University of Tsukuba in Japan. While the prospect of a free VPN service might sound enticing, it’s essential to evaluate whether it’s worth your time and trust. In this comprehensive VPN Gate review for 2023, we’ll delve into its speed, compatibility with streaming services, privacy and security measures, server locations, and customer support. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether VPN Gate is the right choice for your online security and privacy needs.

VPN Gate Key Data

  • Overall Rank: #0 of 76 VPNs
  • Average Speed: 1.6 Mbps
  • Video Streaming Support: HD
  • Streaming Services Supported: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video
  • Encryption Type: 128-bit AES
  • Kill Switch: No
  • Log Policy: Collects a lot of data
  • Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, SSL-VPN

Speed: Is VPN Gate Fast?

VPN Gate’s speed leaves much to be desired. Here are the average speed results by region:

  • North America: 0.73 Mbps
  • Europe: 2.2 Mbps
  • Asia: 1.9 Mbps
  • Global average: 1.6 Mbps

Web browsing can be frustratingly slow, and even tasks like loading YouTube videos may take an eternity. For online gamers, VPN Gate’s laggy connection can lead to a subpar gaming experience.

Apps & Devices

VPN Gate supports the following platforms:

While it covers the basics, the lack of support for more platforms can be limiting. However, given that it’s a free service, it’s essential to manage expectations.

Streaming Services: Does VPN Gate Work with Netflix?

Yes, VPN Gate allows access to Netflix US and Amazon Prime Video. However, the streaming experience can be frustrating, with long loading times and buffering interruptions. If streaming is a priority for you, other VPN providers may offer smoother experiences, albeit for a subscription fee.

Torrenting: Does VPN Gate Support Torrenting?

VPN Gate does permit torrenting on its servers. However, the slow speeds may result in less-than-ideal download experiences. Additionally, considering VPN Gate’s data collection practices, it might not be the best choice for privacy-conscious torrenters.

Security, Privacy, and Logging

VPN Gate’s privacy policy raises concerns as it collects a significant amount of user data. The policy includes logging destination HTTP/HTTPS hostnames, IP addresses, host names, and port numbers of VPN Gate communications. This level of data collection contradicts the fundamental purpose of using a VPN for enhanced privacy.

In terms of encryption, VPN Gate can utilize up to 256-bit AES and RSA 4096-bit keys, though the server determines the encryption used. During testing, it was observed that VPN Gate is vulnerable to WebRTC IP address leaks, potentially compromising user privacy.

Server Locations

While VPN Gate claims to have servers in 230 countries, the lack of a published full server list makes it challenging to verify this information. Additionally, many servers are run by volunteers, leading to server availability fluctuations. Most servers are located in Asia, with a concentration in Japan and South Korea.

VPN Gate in China

VPN Gate does work in China, but it can be challenging to access Chinese servers due to incomplete server lists. Users may need to provide their email addresses to receive configuration files, which is not the most user-friendly approach.

Customer Service

VPN Gate’s customer support primarily consists of a support forum. Given that it’s a free service, the availability of dedicated customer support channels is limited. Users should be prepared for self-help through the forum.

Is VPN Gate Recommended?

In conclusion, VPN Gate, being a free VPN service, comes with significant limitations. Its slow speeds, data collection practices, and occasional connectivity issues make it challenging to recommend as a reliable and privacy-focused VPN option. While it can access streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, the streaming experience may not be optimal.

For those seeking a more secure and efficient VPN service, there are paid alternatives such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark, which offer better privacy features, faster speeds, and dedicated customer support.

When considering VPN services, it’s crucial to prioritize your online privacy and security. VPN Gate, despite its free offering, may not provide the level of protection you need in today’s digital landscape.

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