Vodafone Outage – Here are the Issues Today

Kyle Renner

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Due to construction work and technical problems, Vodafone is once again experiencing disruptions today. GIGA is monitoring the problems and will explain why a current “Vodafone outage” may affect you and which services are experiencing issues. Vodafone offers various services, and whether there are disruptions depends on various factors. Maintenance work or damages to lines can lead to disruptions in Vodafone’s mobile network, landline, or TV reception. Find out what to expect currently here.

## Current Vodafone Issues and Outages

Regardless of unexpected problems, announced outages can occur due to maintenance work. Here are the current problems that are being worked on and may continue in the next few days: These are the known Vodafone disruptions. During maintenance work, it is possible that they may take longer than planned. So if such work has been reported for today, they may still exist tomorrow. That’s why you will now see the reports from the past week here. Having internet issues? Watch the video to find out what you can do to determine the cause:

## Where can you find more information about Vodafone problems?

* You can find reports on outages and also report unknown problems on the Vodafone Facebook page.
* You can contact support through Vodafone’s service page on Twitter.
* You can reach Vodafone by phone at **0800 1721212** or **1212 from a Vodafone network**.
* If you still have internet access, you can also use the Vodafone contact form to report the problems.
* Vodafone also lists current outages at vod.af/CurrentOutage.
* However, in most cases, there isn’t much you can do other than wait and try again later to see if it finally works. So, don’t get worked up! Take a deep breath and… carry on with your life.

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