Uplay: Sign Up and Create an Account – Here’s How

Elizabeth Harper

**Uplay is Ubisoft’s online distribution platform for video games. While you can also purchase and play some games on Steam, not all of them are available there. If you want to sign up for Uplay or create a completely new account, we’ll show you how it all works in this guide.**

So, you’ve bought yourself a Ubisoft game and now you want to play it on your PC? Well, in most cases, you can’t escape **Uplay**. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple and quick steps to **sign up**. And if you need a **completely new account**, we’ll also explain how to create one. If you’re instead looking for a way to start Uplay in offline mode, we’ve got you covered too. **Ubisoft turns 30 – and their employees spill the beans:**

## How to Sign Up for Uplay: It’s Easy!

## Creating a New Account for Uplay

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