Update for Tor Browser: The Generational Change is Coming – What You Should Know

Alana Grace

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One of the best ways to protect your privacy on the web is by using the Tor network with the associated open-source Tor Browser. The Tor Project has released Tor Browser 12.5.2, which incorporates Mozilla’s Firefox updates from August 1st. Tor Browser is based on the source code of Firefox ESR.

Currently, Tor Browser is still based on the trusted foundation of Firefox ESR 102. In the new version 12.5.2, Firefox ESR 102.14 is included, which addresses various security vulnerabilities. This also benefits the Tor Browser. For the Android version of their browser, the Tor developers have backported Android-specific security fixes from Firefox 116. Additionally, the default browser extension Noscript is integrated in the new version 11.4.26.

The Latest Security Updates

Firefox ESR 102.14 is Mozilla’s penultimate update for this branch, with version 102.15 scheduled for release at the end of August. Therefore, the Tor Project developers are preparing for the transition to the new generation Firefox ESR 115. A preliminary version is already available for testing purposes with Tor Browser 13.0a1. This version already includes Firefox ESR 115.2, which is also slated for release at the end of August. If no major issues occur during the testing phase, Tor Browser 13.0 could be available based on this foundation in early September.

Until then, it is advisable for those who value their privacy, especially under restrictive regimes where it may even be a matter of life and death, to stick with the mature solution, Tor Browser 12.5. Leave the troubleshooting and experiments with the preliminary versions to those whose personal risk is manageable.

Tor Browser 12.5.2 is available for free (open source) on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.

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