Tower Of God: New World Tier List – July 2023

Elizabeth Harper

If you’re aiming to conquer the Tower Of God: New World and need guidance, you’re in the right place. This tier list provides a ranking of the characters to help you progress through the game.

Tower Of God: New World is an RPG inspired by the popular webtoon and anime, Tower Of God. The narrative revolves around Twenty-Fifth Bam, a young man who ventures into the vast and mysterious tower in pursuit of his childhood friend. For more details, you can visit the game’s Google Play page.

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Tier Rankings:

  • S Tier: Simply the best. (Currently, no characters are in this tier.)
  • A Tier: Very good and worth retaining. (No characters in this tier as of now.)
  • B Tier: Good, but not exceptional. (No characters in this tier at the moment.)
  • C Tier: Has a few niche uses but generally underperforms. (No characters in this tier currently.)
  • D Tier: Essentially useless. (No characters in this tier right now.)

Character List:

  • Anaak Zahard – Fisherman/Warrior
  • Data Khun Mascheny Zahard – Spear Bearer/Assassin
  • Data Zahard – Fisherman/Warrior
  • Endorsi Zahard – Fisherman/Assassin
  • Evan Edroch – Guide/Support
  • Evankhell – Wave Controller/Mage
  • Ha Yuri Zahard – Fisherman/Tank
  • Hansun Yu – Wave Controller/Mage
  • Hatz – Scout/Warrior
  • Hwaryun – Guide/Support
  • Jue Viole Grace – Wave Controller/Ranged
  • Khun Aguero Agnes – Light Bearer/Support
  • Khun Mascheny Zahard – Spear Bearer/Ranged
  • Lero Ro – Light Bearer/Support
  • Phonsekal Laure – Wave Controller/Mage
  • Rachel – Light Bearer/Mage
  • Rak Wraithraiser – Spear Bearer/Tank
  • Shibisu – Scout/Support
  • Twenty-Fifth Bam – Wave Controller/Support
  • Wangnan Ja – Fisherman/Ranged

Character Highlights:

  • Twenty-Fifth Bam – Wave Controller/Support: The main character of the Tower Of God series. He grew up in a cave at the base of the tower, with Rachel as his only friend. He decided to follow her when she left to climb the tower.
  • Rak Wraithraiser – Spear-Bearer/Tank: A towering 3-meter tall reptilian, Rak initially wanted to hunt Bam. However, on the Floor Of Tests, they teamed up for survival.
  • Evankhell – Wave Controller/Mage: The former ruler of the Floor Of Tests and host to an Ancient. Evankhell left her leadership role to explore the tower’s various floors.

How Our Tiers Work:

  • S Tier: The best characters. Aim to acquire them.
  • A Tier: Not as outstanding as S, but still very effective.
  • B Tier: Reliable but not extraordinary.
  • C Tier: Useful only in specific situations.
  • D Tier: Best avoided.

How We Determine Rankings:

Our rankings are based on our gameplay experience and community feedback. Remember, tier lists are subjective, and what works for one player might not work for another. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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