Top 10 Mod Packs for Minecraft

Elizabeth Harper

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Are you looking to completely transform your game without too much hassle? Well then, why not try out a mod pack? Mod packs collect multiple mods into one download and offer a brand new Minecraft world without the need for you to worry about graphics and gameplay modifications. So, if you find the perfect mod pack that changes Minecraft just the way you envision it, why not give it a go? Here are ten of the best and most popular mod packs that I could find.


How about trying Tekkit? This famous pack brings together several technology mods that allow you to automate, electrify, and industrialize your Minecraft world. You can find the latest version of Tekkit on the developers’ official website, where you can also download the Technic Launcher, which simplifies the installation of Tekkit and other packs. If you prefer using Forge to install it, I recommend Definitely Not Tekkit for Minecraft 1.12.2, which brings the classic Tekkit experience to version 1.12.2 and is regularly updated. Download:

  • Tekkit for Minecraft 1.6.4 on TechnicPacks
  • Definitely Not Tekkit for Minecraft 1.12.2

The 1.12.2 Pack

If you have no specific ideas about what you want from a modded Minecraft, but you just want everything to be different and better, then why not try The 1.12.2 Pack? This is the ultimate mod collection for Minecraft 1.12.2. Unlike most other packs, it doesn’t focus on one particular aspect, but instead combines over 200 popular mods created specifically for Minecraft version 1.12.2. Care has been taken to ensure that the mods work well together, creating a cohesive and immersive Minecraft world with plenty of new things for you to discover.

By the way, there is also a popular mod collection for Minecraft 1.7.10. Download:

  • The 1.12.2 Pack on the official website

Complex Gaming – Pixelmon

Have you ever heard of Pixelmon? If not, listen up: For several years now, you can become a full-fledged Pokémon trainer in Minecraft with the corresponding mod pack. This mod is huge and incredibly impressive. It transforms Minecraft into an entirely new game where the world is filled with Pokémon that you can catch, train, and even battle with using Poké Balls. This mod doesn’t just add new textures for existing mobs; it completely revamps the gameplay. I recommend signing up for a Pixelmon server, as they offer fully customized Minecraft worlds with PokéStops, PokéMarkets, and much more. You can also join forces with other Pixelmon trainers or compete against them. Pixelmon is probably one of the craziest and most dedicated mods out there. It has been around for years, and the original mod pack was discontinued by The Pokémon Company. However, Complex Pixelmon, which I’m talking about here, seems to be a new community effort to revive Pixelmon. I couldn’t find out how much cooperation there is with The Pokémon Company. Download:

  • Complex Pixelmon on the official website


Now, if you’re looking for the Dark Souls of Minecraft, look no further than RLCraft. RLCraft stands for “Real Life Craft,” and it takes you on a fantasy Minecraft adventure with numerous new mobs, dangers, buildings, biomes, items, and realistic survival conditions. Your chance of survival is practically zero—well, at least if you play the way you would in normal Minecraft survival mode. RLCraft is a wonderful mod pack that transforms the world, as well as textures and much of the gameplay. However, it still retains the essence of Minecraft: you must survive, craft, and explore the map. Every step you take must be carefully considered because everything in the beginning can kill you with just one hit. Even crafting is different, starting with the fact that you can’t chop down trees with your bare hands. Yes, because that would be unrealistic. After all, have you ever felled a tree with your bare hands? Take a look at the official and quite amusing beginner tutorial from the mod developer. To make RLCraft look like it does in the video, you’ll need to install additional mods like shaders and texture packs. Download:

  • RLCraft for Minecraft 1.12.2

Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons

If RLCraft sounds a bit too intense for you, the mod pack Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons focuses on the exploration and adventure aspect of Minecraft. It adds a variety of new dungeons, mobs, and worlds. This pack isn’t as difficult and doesn’t emphasize realistic survival. Instead, it introduces some rogue-like and RPG elements such as a new magic system, a skill tree, and the ability to level up. Download:

  • Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons for Minecraft 1.12.2

Minecraft Eternal

Minecraft Eternal is a collection of various mods that expand the game without imposing a specific focus or drastically altering its core gameplay. It offers a little bit of everything. To quote the official mod description on CurseForge: “An abundance of exciting adventures, magic, science, quests, combat, bosses, automation, exploration, and rats—who shot the cheese from the cannons?” This mod pack is perfect for someone who isn’t quite sure what they want and just wants to try out a fresh and unique Minecraft experience. Download:

  • MC Eternal for Minecraft 1.12.2

Life in the Woods – Renaissance

Beauty and danger—that’s what Life in the Woods: Renaissance brings to Minecraft. This nature-themed mod pack gained popularity in Germany, particularly through Gronkh’s “Life in the Woods” Let’s Play series. So, what is Life in the Woods? This mod pack combines the survival aspect of Minecraft with a plethora of new plants, recipes, and the ability to live a vegan lifestyle in the game. Life in the Woods focuses primarily on gardening, cooking, animals, and survival, making Minecraft a more vibrant and lively place overall. Download:

  • Life in the Woods on the official website

Engineer’s Life

There are plenty of strategy and building games where you progress from one era to another, unlocking new buildings and devices along the way. Minecraft hasn’t typically been one of those games—until now. With the mod pack Engineer’s Life, you can now progress from the Stone Age to the digital age. The progression is guided by quests and a leveling system, but don’t expect a fully developed storyline with adventurous quests. Engineer’s Life focuses on farming, industrialization, and vanilla Minecraft’s survival aspects. Download:

  • Engineer’s Life for Minecraft 1.12.2

Farming Valley

Cute cows! Gardening! Sowing! Harvesting! Rainbows! All of these and more await you in Farming Valley, a mod pack that closely resembles the genre of games like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. These mods will significantly change Minecraft, introducing features such as four seasons and the ability to earn money. And earning money is essential because in Farming Valley, your ultimate goal is to establish and maintain a farm or even a small village. Earn more money, buy better equipment, and become even better! If you’ve been longing for Stardew Valley-like mechanics in Minecraft, this mod pack is a breath of fresh air. It’s time to dive into some work. Download:

  • Farming Valley for Minecraft 1.10.2

Life in the Village

Life in the Village is a mod pack that specializes in the famous mods Millenaire and Minecolonies, among others. As such, these two mods are naturally integrated into it, along with other additions that help you build your customized house and village. Instead of going on about it, here are some features:

  • Numerous new blocks and decorative items
  • Enhanced village gameplay: NPCs are more fully integrated into the world
  • Increase your reputation in a village and eventually buy a house
  • New NPCs with their own stories and quests
  • Build your own village!
  • New seeds and plants
  • More mobs and dungeons
  • Daily quests
  • Improvements and tweaks to vanilla gameplay

Life in the Village aims to improve and expand upon the Minecraft experience that you know and love, making it more interesting and immersive without straying too far from its essence. The focus here is on immersion while still preserving the core gameplay. Download:

  • Life in the Village for Minecraft 1.12.2

Rebirth of the Night

If RLCraft is too difficult for you but you still want a slightly tougher, more realistic, and immersive Minecraft experience, Rebirth of the Night is the mod pack for you. The goal of this pack is to remind you of that moment when you first jumped into this odd blocky game, afraid of the night and the creatures lurking in the dark. Do you remember the excitement of building your first shelter to escape from the monsters? If Minecraft has become a bit dull over time, Rebirth of the Night is here to change that. This pack focuses on improving and expanding upon Mojang’s original idea of the survival mode:

  • Mobs are smarter and stronger
  • They can break into your houses!
  • Reworked combat system
  • Hunger and sleep needs
  • New dungeons and caves that correspond to different biomes
  • New types of stone
  • Seasons
  • New dimensions such as The Beneath and The Aether

Rebirth of the Night completely overhauls Minecraft, but it retains the essence of the game, giving it new life. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to experience Minecraft in a tougher survival mode. Download:

  • Rebirth of the Night for Minecraft 1.12.2
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