The Widget Gets Prettier: A Look at the Live Display in Pixel Launcher

Elizabeth Harper

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person holding black android smartphone
Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

The introduction of the new live display is becoming apparent, along with the planned improvements.

Google has given its most important and fixed widget in the Pixel Launcher various names: “Assistant At a Glance” or Live Display. However, until now, it only had a single fixed design. But that is about to change in the foreseeable future. New information and screenshots have emerged. As the Android operating system becomes increasingly personalized and tailored to individual users, Android 14 will bring further innovations in this area.

The Live Display, also due for a long overdue update, will soon be available in a design that users can customize according to their preferences. One of the new features will be the ability to choose whether the Live Display is transparent, semi-transparent, or equipped with a background color. The rest of Android will offer dynamic colors, allowing users to visually align the widget with the overall system, resulting in a much more beautiful and personal look. Additionally, the basic structure of the widget seems to have been redesigned, as shown in the screenshots. The current version looks rather lifeless in comparison:

We do not yet know when the new Live Display will be available. It is possible that Google will launch the new Live Display together with Android 14 or wait until the autumn with the release of the new Pixel 8 smartphones.

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