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Android users have a wide selection of email clients available in the Play Store. We have compiled a selection here: Writing, reading, as well as managing personal or business emails is more fun and takes less time with these free tools.

Despite being free, these apps offer advanced features, extensions, and organizational aids. With integrated spell checkers, emoji collections to spice up personal messages, widgets, and Android Wear support, everyone can find a new favorite app for managing their emails. Nearly all clients allow you to register multiple accounts in parallel.

Setting up the apps is now child’s play: as long as you have your address and the corresponding password at hand, the tools take care of the configuration on their own.

1. Spike: Email – Mail & Team Chat

Email app for improved workflow: With efficient layout, task lists, and group chats, this email client is particularly suitable for professional purposes.

Spike: Email – Mail & Team Chat comes with a long list of good ideas for your Android device, aiming to help you manage your workday more effectively. The app combines email traffic in dialogue-based chat views, allowing for rapid exchange of documents or comments. It also includes task lists with priority markings, enables integration of calendars from Google to Outlook and CalDAV, and guarantees data protection with 265-bit encryption. You can bundle as many accounts as you like, even from different providers, and a snooze mode temporarily hides emails. Additionally, you can schedule emails to be sent automatically at a set time. A nice feature is that Spike can also be used across different devices.

Particularly clear organization in the inbox

Spike can sort emails in the inbox in a particularly organized way, offering three different views. You can choose to group messages by people involved, by subject, or to have separate views for sent and received emails. The app even allows for video calls.

The latest update now allows us to search within our conversations. Search results include words, contacts, or attachments. To keep it organized, the message history is no longer automatically added to replies.

Conclusion of the Android app test for Spike: Email – Mail & Team Chat

Powerful tool at no cost: This email client makes email management in the workday easier, streamlines communication with chat functions, and offers numerous convenience and security features.

2. Email app for Yahoo & others

Yahoo, Google, and more: This email app works with many common providers. Detailed settings ensure convenient and secure use of business accounts.

Even though it says “Yahoo” in the title, the Email app for Yahoo & others also manages accounts with all other common providers. The app is flexible: You can set different quiet times for individual email accounts. If you don’t want to be disturbed by work emails after hours, simply set up a quiet mode for that specific account. This can be done multiple times with individual settings for all registered accounts. Avatars for contacts make the inbox particularly clear, flexible filters automatically sort incoming messages into corresponding folders, and a PIN code keeps unauthorized individuals out. Favorite labels, signatures, quick spam marking, and a detailed search function complete the app.

Directly forward, print, or convert messages to PDF

With this app, we can forward emails with the touch of a button, save them locally as PDFs, or send them to a printer. This saves time and avoids the need for third-party apps. The settings offer a lot of options: for example, we can restrict the download of attachments to Wi-Fi networks, customize sounds, and receive automatic blind copies of sent messages. However, the app is missing a widget.

Conclusion of the Android app test for Email app for Yahoo & others

Easy access to well-thought-out features, fast operation, and welcome extras such as a PDF converter and printer support make this email client a convincing app package.

3. ProfiMail Go – email client

With mailboxes on the SD card, a built-in file explorer, and seamlessly integrated email attachments, this app sets itself apart from the competition.

Free client with custom layout: ProfiMail Go – email client catches the eye with a chic turquoise design and stands out from the competition with its own ideas in terms of functionality. The client displays images directly within messages, allows users to attach signatures with their images, and offers extended multi-window views on larger displays such as tablets. The tool also masters automatic functions: with “SpamAssassin”, we can target annoying promotional emails, and depending on their size, email attachments can also be automatically processed. An integrated file manager is also included, which can play audio files and display images. We can compose emails in different font colors, a dark mode is available, and all email traffic can be stored on the SD card.

Extensive functions for experienced users

In the comprehensive settings, ProfiMail Go offers a variety of functions for experienced users. These include handling drafts and sent messages, network-dependent data usage, domain icons, and precise regulation of IMAP push. The client can automatically switch between portrait and landscape modes but can also be fixed in one orientation.

Conclusion of the Android app test for ProfiMail Go – email client

With an appealing user interface, extended views for large displays, and numerous customization options, this client promises effective email management.

4. Access to all emails

All accounts in one place: This app registers any number of addresses from numerous providers, identifies callers using its address book, and features an intuitive layout.

Access to all emails is a free email client with a clean layout, convenient caller identification, but also a drawback: the support for providers is noticeably limited. While many major providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, Yandex, or ProtonMail are supported, GMX is not included, for example, and setting up general IMAP or POP3 servers is not supported at all. If you use accounts from one of the approximately 25 supported providers, you won’t be bothered, but other users are currently at a disadvantage – which is a shame.

Identifying callers using email addresses

Practically, the app can match incoming calls with the user’s email registry. Of course, the app needs to know the email address and phone number to do this. This way, we can send an email directly to callers or send messages and documents quickly after a call without having to switch applications. We can even add callers whose contact information has not yet been saved directly to the app’s address book with a swipe gesture.

Conclusion of the Android app test for Access to all emails

This clear email client, regularly updated, impresses with clever and convenient caller recognition, enabling especially fast email responses. Unfortunately, only selected providers are supported so far.

5. 10 Minute Mail – Disposable Temporary Email

Email addresses for “throwaway” use: Setting up email accounts for temporary use of only a few minutes. This allows for the unbinding use of registration-required services.

Even simple web services increasingly require registration with your email account. If you carelessly provide private email addresses, you will quickly find yourself searching for good spam filters. With 10 Minute Mail – Disposable temporary email, we save ourselves from such annoyances: the app generates as many email accounts as we like, which are only valid for a few minutes. Even registrations requiring confirmation no longer pose a problem: when the spam flood arrives, the account has already been deleted. The operation is child’s play: addresses are generated at the touch of a button and can be conveniently copied to the clipboard. A graphical timer keeps track of the diminishing validity of the mailboxes.

Premium version with many extras – but also a steep price

With a premium upgrade, we can name our disposable accounts ourselves, create multiple accounts simultaneously, and save messages for a longer period. The upgrade also removes the advertisements. However, the price of €8.49 per month (at the time of testing) is quite steep.

Conclusion of the Android app test for 10 Minute Mail – Disposable temporary email

With the disposable accounts provided by this app, we can reliably protect ourselves from annoying spam emails or the disclosure of private email addresses.

6. Lite Mail: Fast Email App for Gmail and

Free lightweight app without ads: This efficient email client has all the essential features and aims to impress with its simplicity.

If you are looking for a simple and reliable email app, Lite Mail: Fast Email App for Gmail and is a good choice. The relatively simple client avoids fuss and is compatible with all major providers – as long as they support the IMAP or POP3 protocols. You can register multiple accounts with the app and define separate push notifications for each account. With the search function, you can find emails by date, recipient, subject, or attachment, and the spam management includes its folder. Additionally, email correspondences are organized in related threads, and you can create your folders.

Simple design with a fast user interface

The interface of Lite Mail is rather simple, yet the design is cohesive, and the fast email client works effortlessly even on older devices. You can protect the app with a PIN, save emails locally as PDFs or forward them to a printer, and you can reserve attachments for download via a Wi-Fi connection with a checkbox in the settings.

Conclusion of the Android app test for Lite Mail: Fast Email App for Gmail and

Small and powerful: This simple email client supports all major providers and offers solid ease of use with manageable extras.

7. Email & Calendar for Hotmail and Outlook

This app can only manage accounts with Hotmail and Outlook. However, it is perfectly prepared for these two providers and also includes calendar functions.

If you have created your email accounts with Outlook or Hotmail, you can conveniently manage them on your Android device with Email & Calendar for Hotmail and Outlook. The free email app neatly groups messages into conversations (threads), protects content with a PIN or conveniently with a fingerprint, and features a night mode for use in late hours. A well-thought-out filtering function brings order back into overloaded accounts. Tablets are supported with a dedicated interface, and a “do not disturb” mode ensures peace on weekends or during vacations. Conveniently, emails can be organized quickly with swipe gestures, a PDF printer is included, and you can add signatures.

Includes calendar function

With the included calendar function, we can keep important appointments in view: list views for days, weeks, or months are available, and on tablets, the calendar appears in an optimized format. Widgets are also available, which display important events on the home screen and can also show the inboxes of individual email accounts.

Conclusion of the Android app test for Email & Calendar for Hotmail and Outlook

This app is only suitable for email accounts with Hotmail or Outlook. Users of these services appreciate the professional design, tablet support, and well-thought-out calendar functions offered by this free app.

8. Email – Inbox

Flexible email client with broad provider support: With this app, you can manage accounts with all major providers – even Exchange.

Email – Inbox is a modern free email client with a clean layout, convenient caller identification, and an impressive range of functions. The app supports all major providers, including Exchange and iCloud. You can also comfortably manage multiple accounts in one place, receive push notifications for new emails, and link them to various sounds in the settings. The app can be secured with PIN codes, supports simple signatures and flexible quiet times, and allows you to quickly log out of individual accounts. On vacation, for example, you can easily disconnect from work email traffic or get rid of disposable addresses with this function. A snooze function for postponing important emails and an extensive folder structure are also included. This solid app enables you to handle the daily flood in your mailbox easily and efficiently, even with a high volume of emails.

Free version with ads

The free version of Email – Inbox already includes all functions but displays ads and occasionally annoys with intrusive full-screen windows. These annoyances can be remedied with a small upgrade: for €2.09 (at the time of testing), the ads disappear. However, the translation still leaves something to be desired, as some entries seem to have been carelessly passed through the translator.

Conclusion of the Android app test for Email – Inbox

This email client offers all essential functions. The operation, content, and interface are deliberately kept simple, but the translation could use some fine-tuning.

9. Criptext Secure Email

Maximum security and user-friendly operation: This email app encrypts digital correspondence and stores all data locally.

With Criptext Secure Email, we no longer have to worry about sensitive data or private emails: this free email client encrypts all messages reliably and stores data exclusively on the Android device. Of course, this procedure can only promise security on the user’s side: the app cannot influence what the recipient does with our messages. With Criptext, we first need to create a new email account, and the app then generates a security key, which is also stored locally on the device. Received or sent emails are not stored on remote servers, but only on your smartphone or tablet. Since all emails leave the device only in encrypted form, it is practically impossible to extract personal information.

Simple, straightforward, and user-friendly

Without any frills, the open-source app Criptext focuses solely on the essentials. With this app, sending encrypted emails is just as effortless as with any other client, and there are no annoying ads. A dark mode is available, the app features a PIN lock, and it can add signatures. By default, the app adds a note to outgoing emails, but this can easily be turned off in the options.

Conclusion of the Android app test for Criptext Secure Email

Free, ad-free, and fully encrypted: this email app offers only essential functions but impresses with convenient handling and locally stored data.

10. Email – Fast and Smart Mail

Simple, fast, and clear: This user-friendly email client impresses with its strong functionality and also supports Exchange.

The free client Email – Fast and Smart Mail promises easy operation in a clear interface and can also handle multiple accounts with different providers, including Microsoft Exchange. Setting up account access is simple, fast, and automatic, but if there are any problems, you can also intervene manually in the configuration. The app can be secured with PIN codes, supports simple signatures as well as flexible quiet times, and also allows you to quickly sign out of individual accounts. With this app, you can even be reminded to reply to important emails after the fact, and displaying messages on the lock screen can be protected with a timer. The app also includes filters and search functions, as well as a spam folder. Deleted emails are initially moved to a recycle bin and can easily be restored if needed.

Free version with ads

The free version of Email – Fast and Smart Mail already includes all essential functions but displays advertisement banners and can sometimes be annoying with intrusive full-screen windows. A small upgrade removes these ads for €2.09 (at the time of testing). Regarding the translation, there is still some room for improvement, as it seems that some entries were carelessly processed by the translator.

Conclusion of the Android app test for Email – Fast and Smart Mail

This email client offers all essential functions. The user interface and contents are deliberately kept simple, and the translation could still use some fine-tuning.

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