Switch-Normalos miss out: This feature is only available on the OLED model

Kyle Renner

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The OLED Switch has eliminated some of the biggest criticisms of the original. The new console version not only offers better hardware, but also has a special feature that can be found in the system settings and is missing from the other models. ## Vibrant colors are only available on the OLED Switch

With a larger display, an OLED panel, an improved kickstand, a built-in LAN port, and slightly enhanced speakers, the OLED Switch has seen various improvements in order to justify its higher price tag of €333. However, what may have gone unnoticed by many Switch owners until now is another difference – **specifically in the system software of the consoles**. Because only on the OLED Switch can players find a setting called **”Color intensity of the console screen”**. OLED Switch purchasers can choose between the “Vibrant” and “Standard” options. The vibrant color intensity is the default setting. Here’s how to find the option in the settings of your OLED Switch:

* From the Nintendo Switch dashboard, select the **gear symbol** to access the settings.
* Scroll down until you reach the **”Console”** section.
* There you will find the sub-menu **”Color intensity of the console screen”**, where you can switch between the two options. _To whom is the purchase of the more expensive OLED Switch worth it? We’ll tell you in the video:_

## What does the exclusive screen mode of the OLED Switch bring?

The vibrant color intensity setting ensures that the integrated display of your OLED Switch presents colors **slightly more saturated**. They appear brighter and catch your attention a little more. Most people prefer this more striking type of display. Many modern smartphone displays employ a similar effect. However, what many players forget is that selecting the vibrant mode **decreases the color accuracy of the displayed screen content**. While they may subjectively appear better, they deviate less from the original. Nevertheless, for those who are not bothered by this, they can continue to use the exclusive vibrant screen mode of their OLED Switch without worry.

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