Stream Season 5 of “The Rookie”: Availability on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and More

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The series “The Rookie” is now available on most major streaming platforms up until the 4th season. Are you looking to watch Season 5 or even the spin-off “The Rookie: Feds”? We’ll tell you if Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others have them on offer.

Finally, Season 5 of “The Rookie” is here!

For those who use the subscription offers of WOW (formerly Sky Ticket) and Sky Go, you can finally stream Season 5 of “The Rookie.” The streaming service started with the first episode of the newest season on July 5th. From then on, you can watch another episode every Wednesday night. When the latest season will be available on other VoD platforms is still unclear. It is likely, however, that it won’t be available elsewhere until it has been fully aired on WOW.

Stream Season 4 of “The Rookie” and “The Rookie: Feds”

However, you can also watch the first four seasons of “The Rookie” on other platforms. You have the following options:

– Amazon Prime Video (link to provider)
– Disney+ (link to provider)
– Netflix (link to bundle provider)

But we recommend booking WOW because here you also have the opportunity to watch “The Rookie: Feds,” which is a spin-off of the series. The episodes of Season 5 of “The Rookie” and Season 1 of “Feds” will be available every Wednesday night, and you should watch them alternately. There are several episodes between the main series and the spin-off that overlap. If you don’t want to miss these crossover episodes, grab a bowl of popcorn on Wednesday night and watch the episodes released that evening on Sky One (starting at 8:15 pm) or on WOW. Or, if you watch them later, make sure to follow the order yourself. It’s best to start with “The Rookie: Feds.”

What is “The Rookie” about? Should everyone have a Plan B in their professional life, or should they stick to their dream job until exhaustion and hold onto the belief that it is the right one? John Nolan (played by Nathan Fillion, also known from the series “Castle”) shows in “The Rookie” that it is never too late to change course. After working in several jobs and failing as a construction entrepreneur, the over forty-year-old decides to join the police force. Although he initially faces obstacles due to his age, Nolan manages to adapt quickly, prove himself, and finally find his true calling. “The Rookie” includes many action-packed scenes that suggest that the life of a police officer in L.A. is excessively demanding from morning till night. Nevertheless, the police have enough passion and time to pursue this profession with high commitment and humor. Yes, this series also contains many lighthearted moments and offers a good mix of action, drama, and comedy.

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