Solution: Removing iCloud Lock on a Used iPhone/iPad

Elizabeth Harper

If you’ve purchased a used iPhone or iPad that is still associated with another Apple ID, you might encounter the iCloud lock, preventing you from using the device. In this article, we will show you how to remove this lock. The purpose of the iCloud lock is to deny thieves access to your personal data. However, if you’ve bought a used iPhone that still has an activated iCloud lock, you might find yourself locked out as the rightful owner.

## Removing the iCloud Lock:

If you receive an error message on your used iPhone or iPad stating that the device is connected to another Apple ID, it is likely that the “Find My iPhone” feature was activated before the purchase. This feature allows users to track the location of their device online in case of theft.

## Solution 1: Apple Website for iCloud Lock

Apple has its own website where you can deactivate the iCloud lock in two ways:

1. If you know the Apple ID and password.
2. If you have forgotten the Apple ID and password or no longer have access to the account.

## Solution 2: Apple Store

To utilize this solution, you will need the original receipt of the purchased iPhone or iPad:

1. Visit an Apple Store and approach the Genius Bar.
2. The staff can disconnect the link between the previous Apple ID and the device.

## Solution 3: Previous Owner Must Remove the Lock

The previous owner can remotely remove the iCloud lock through their iCloud account. However, they need to be accessible:

1. The device must not be connected to the internet, so activate airplane mode.
2. The device will now appear under “Find My iPhone” in the list of iOS devices on the website.
3. Log in with the Apple ID of the previous owner, who set the lock.
4. Click on “All Devices” at the top.
5. Choose the device that you want to remove from iCloud.
6. Confirm by clicking on “Remove from Account.” If the device has been offline for a while, simply selecting it and clicking on “Remove from Account” will suffice. Here, we explain how to deactivate the “Find My iPhone” feature on the iPhone itself.

## Solution 4: Previous Owner Resets iPhone/iPad

Resetting the device to its factory settings will sever the connection between the device and the Apple ID. If the previous owner forgot to do this, it can be done retrospectively. Either you temporarily hand over the device to the seller, or they need to provide their Apple ID password and then change it. However, the second option should only be done with trustworthy individuals.

1. Open the *Settings*.
2. Navigate to “General” > “Reset” > “Erase All Content and Settings.”
3. Enter the password for the previous owner’s Apple ID.

## Solution 5: “AnyUnlock” Program

According to the developer, the program “AnyUnlock” can deactivate the iCloud lock, even if you’ve purchased a used iPhone with an active lock. We do not have personal experience with this program and cannot guarantee its effectiveness. We recommend trying one of the other methods mentioned above instead. The developer’s website offers a demo version and a paid version, which is further divided into subscription models and a one-time purchase option.

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