Samsung Galaxy Ring: A Ring to Track Them – Could Be Produced Very Soon

Elizabeth Harper

**Oura and Co. could soon face very tough competition as the Samsung Galaxy Ring becomes more likely.**

It seems that things are about to get really serious as Samsung is building a Galaxy Ring and could soon decide to have it produced in large quantities. The Galaxy Ring will be the first of its kind, although there are already similar devices available from various smaller companies like Oura. Currently, the development is in a phase where the aim is to refine the concept of the Galaxy Ring in a specific direction. In simple terms, it is about tracking physical data, similar to what many smartwatches can already do. In the end, a ring like Oura doesn’t do it any differently.

## Decision on the Galaxy Ring is not yet final

If Samsung decides to go into mass production, the product is expected to launch in the coming months. It could happen in 2023 or even as late as 2024; we don’t have the exact details yet. There are still too many things that need to be clarified, according to a report from The Elec. Currently, a lot also depends on the decision of whether the Galaxy Ring should be a medical product and therefore require the necessary certifications, or if it will lean more towards a lifestyle product with fewer medical functions. Personally, I’m currently testing Whoop and would also be interested in trying out a smart ring in the long run.

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