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One advantage of modern phones is that when you miss a call, you usually see the caller’s number displayed. If the number is saved in your smartphone’s address book, the corresponding name is automatically shown. But how can you find out the owner of a mobile number after a call, without knowing their name? You can embark on a reverse phone lookup to find out who called you. However, determining the owner of a mobile number is not always easy. To find out which number called you, you have two options:

* Personal callback
* Reverse phone lookup on the internet

To find the owner of a mobile number and answer the question “Who called me?”, it is recommended to check the web service provided by

## Reverse Phone Lookup: Finding numbers online offers a simple search mask:

1. If you enter a mobile number here, in many cases, you will be provided with a first and last name associated with the number.
2. The contact does not have to be saved in your own phone book.
As simple as the reverse phone lookup engine works, the principle behind it is questionable:
* Even your private number could be stored in’s database without your knowledge.
* The phone numbers are sourced from the contact lists of users who have installed the app. So if one of your friends downloads the app, your number will also be made available.
* From a privacy standpoint, this is dubious. If you don’t want your number to be found through this reverse phone lookup, you have to take action and object to the use of your number.

In addition to, there are several other ways to find mobile numbers through reverse phone lookup.

## Finding the number by calling back

Of course, the fastest way to determine the identity of a mobile number is by calling back directly. If you don’t want to be recognized, you can also block your own number, as shown in our image gallery:

With a little trick, you can even directly call the voicemail to find out who the mobile number belongs to. Often, the owner records their own message for the voicemail announcement. From this, you can then determine who wanted to speak to you. Simply add one of the following digits after the area code and the mobile number, depending on the respective provider:

## Unmasking advertisers

Often, telemarketers call and you may not necessarily want to speak to them. Additionally, it’s easier to prepare for a conversation if you have identified the caller through reverse phone lookup in advance. To perform a reverse phone lookup for a mobile number, you need:

* An internet connection
* The mobile number you want to find.
If you don’t want to call back personally, there are various online services available where you can find mobile numbers. Simply enter the respective number you want to find the owner of. These services include:

* The phone book
* The local directory
* Platforms like Tellows

However, compared to landline numbers, only a very small number of mobile numbers are included in a phone book. Therefore, finding the caller can be quite difficult through this method. It is different with’s reverse phone lookup engine. After installation, the app reads your own address book. The phone numbers are then processed and made available online. If you unintentionally find your number listed here, you can block the entry.

## Finding the mobile number: Who called?

Especially for telemarketing calls, a simple Google search often helps. Enter the respective number in the search field. In order for Google to use the exact phone number for the search query, you need to use a Google trick. To search for the exact number you entered, put the numbers in quotation marks. As an example, the search box would contain a number like “0151 9876543”. Tellows is a web service where numerous numbers are stored. Users can ask their own questions about specific mobile numbers. With the mentioned services, you can not only search for a mobile number, but also perform a reverse search for landline numbers.

## Reverse phone lookup options

* Enter the mobile number on the aforementioned websites to initiate the reverse phone lookup.
* However, many mobile phone owners do not agree with the possibility of being found through inverse search.
* Therefore, when performing a reverse phone lookup, you depend on the mobile number being listed in one of the mentioned directories.
When you are regularly called from an unknown number, it is recommended to visit the Tellows service. Here, you also have the option to find mobile numbers through reverse phone lookup. Tellows mainly lists telemarketers and other aggressive callers. The entries come from other telephone and mobile phone owners who post their experiences here. This way, you can quickly and easily determine if your mobile service provider wants to offer you a new contract with changed conditions or if the online store where you recently made a purchase wants to provide information through a call. Unlike a regular reverse phone lookup, Tellows provides personal user experiences and a risk assessment in case the number is associated with spam or a subscription trap. Of course, you can also simply enter the phone number into Google and hope that this number has been stored somewhere or has already been discussed on Tellows and similar platforms. You can also find out what costs are associated with 0180 numbers from us. Image source: Woman talking by phone on a beach via Shutterstock

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