Resident Evil 2: Finding Electrical Panel Parts – Solution for Leon and Claire

Elizabeth Harper

To obtain the key card for the underground parking in the Resident Evil 2 Remake, you need to find the two electrical panel parts in both Leon and Claire’s campaigns in order to restore power at the control panel. In our walkthrough, we will guide you through this puzzle. Once you have solved the medallion puzzle in Resident Evil 2 and made your way to the underground garage after the fight against G (Phase 1), you will encounter the next challenge. To escape the police station, you will need the key card for the garage gate. This is where you need to find the electrical panel parts.

## Finding Electrical Panel Parts in Leon’s Campaign
In Leon’s campaign, you need to find the electrical panel parts to gain access to the cell of reporter Ben, who has become a victim of Mr. X. Unfortunately, he cannot give you the key card himself. Next to the control panel, grab the crank and then exit the cell block back into the underground garage. Go through the door to the east in the hallway and take the turn to the right. Follow the hallway around the corner and go through the door into the kennel.

It’s best to take down the zombie dogs in their cages with your pistol right away so that they don’t surprise you later. Leave the kennel through the other door and follow the hallway around the corner until you reach the rolling gate. On your way, be sure to visit the morgue, as you will find the car key on one of the cadavers. Use the crank to raise the rolling gate on the hallway and enter the transformer room through the door on the other side. Right in front of you, you will see an orange box that, upon closer examination, reveals the first electrical part in your inventory. Now, restore the power in the transformer room. The door leading up to the police station is now accessible. You must go there to find the second electrical panel part. Once you’re back in the police station, first grab the fuse from the break room (1F). With this, you can open the rolling gate to the watchman’s room.

Take the fire escape to the first floor and use the crank at the end of the hallway north of the art room to open the rolling gate. Then, go up the stairs (3F) and through the western door into the east storage room. In the middle of the room, you will find the large gear, which takes up two slots in your inventory. Go back and through the southern door to the balcony. Climb down the ladder, which will be destroyed in the process. Move away from the burning helicopter wreckage and go down the stairs to the left, where you can enter the boiler room at the end. Here, you can take the club key. Don’t forget to switch the water direction outside the boiler room on the wall device on your way back. Then, extinguish the fire near the helicopter and return through the door to the police station. You will encounter Tyrant here. You can easily shake him off by briefly going back out and letting him come to you. There is enough space to bypass him and reenter the police station. Thanks to the club key, you can now enter the file room in the southwest of 1F. Here, you will find a tool on the table with which you can operate the jack in the library. Then, rearrange the bookshelves so that they form a passage to the door above. This will lead you to the upper walkway of the entrance hall. At the very end, enter the clock tower through the right door. Insert the large gear on the apparatus on the right to lower a staircase. Then, take the gear with you again. Now, go up the stairs and take the small gear at the top of the clockwork. Insert the large gear in its place. Insert the small gear by the staircase next to the mechanism at the bottom. This will make the tower bell ring again, and it will drop another orange box with the second electronic part in front of you. With both electrical panel parts, go back to the control panel in the cells and install them. In a minigame, you just need to connect the paths of the red and blue wires to the starting point in order to open the cell. The control panel puzzle is random each time and may have a different solution for you. In the now open cell, you can finally take the key card and continue your odyssey.

## Finding Electrical Panel Parts in Claire’s Campaign
Unlike Leon, Claire does not gain access to the cells in her campaign, but to the control room through the northern door in the underground garage. Here, you need to first retrieve the car key from the morgue, just like Leon, before you can enter the control room. Activate the lever inside to take the elevator to Police Chief Irons’ office on the second floor. Go through the southern door and the hallway to the private collection room, where a control panel prevents Claire from accessing the key card. Take the relief with the heart key on the backside at the end of the room and then leave the chief’s office.

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