Pixel Launcher: New Live Widget Expected to be Available Soon

Elizabeth Harper

Updated on:

Google is updating the Pixel Launcher with new features, including a new live display.

The new live display widget for the Pixel Launcher is looking even better. After initially only having screenshots, a short video can now confirm that it is already usable if you activate it using various tricks. Google has not yet introduced or announced the new widget, but it will probably present it soon. I hope we don’t have to wait until the release of Android 14, as that could take a while.

Or even until the Pixel 8, which is only coming in October. However, according to the video, nothing has changed since the last screenshots; there are three different styles that dynamically adapt to the rest of the system’s colors. The overall layout and look are new. I am curious, though, about how they will incorporate the new weather forecast for the day when there is also a scheduled event in the widget. Currently, this information is simply placed one below the other, but in the new version, it might look a bit strange.

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