Office LaTeX: Representing Integrals – Here’s How

Elizabeth Harper

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Mathematics enthusiasts understand that calculating areas often involves the use of integrals. To properly express formulas with integral symbols in LaTeX, it is necessary to resort to a command. Whether you’re a novice or an expert in LaTeX, I will guide you through the command you need.

Here’s how you write integrals in LaTeX:

To add an integral symbol, use the command **_\int_{a}^{b}_**. In this command, _**_a**_ and _ **^b**_ represent the lower and upper limits of integration and should be enclosed in curly brackets. Keep in mind that the integral expression should be entered within the mathematics mode in LaTeX. The mathematics mode is initiated and closed with **_$_** symbols. For instance, if you want to represent the integral from a to b of f of x, dx, enter the following:

$ \int_{a}^{b} f(x)dx $

Now let’s consider a minimal example of a double integral as a complete LaTeX file:

$ \int_{a}^b\int_{c}^d f(x,y)dxdy $

Representing the integral symbol is not a challenge for LaTeX. ×

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