Last Day on Earth – Survival: Getting the Code for Alfa Bunker – Here’s How

Elizabeth Harper

In the beta version of Last Day on Earth: Survival, the Alfa Bunker is likely the most intriguing place for post-apocalypse survivors. It’s where you can find some really good loot. Unfortunately, getting into the vault requires a code that changes every 24 hours.

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Location and Significance of Alfa Bunker

If you’ve managed to survive the first few days of the apocalypse in Last Day on Earth: Survival and have stocked up on enough water and food, you should head to the east of the map. That’s where the Alfa Bunker awaits you. It’s one of the three bunkers in the game so far. But what sets it apart is that it has a vault that requires a code to access. And getting that code isn’t so easy. But with our help, you’ll get it quickly and be able to pay a visit to the vault soon.

Acquiring the Necessary Access Card

“To access the Alfa Bunker, you need a specific access card, which you can find as loot during events or in certain areas. Search every possible crate, corpse, and cabinet to obtain the CAC-Cards. For the Alfa Bunker, you need the access card with an A, while the one for Bravo has a B, and so on. Last Day on Earth: Survival makes it relatively easy for you. You’ll usually find corpses near the bunkers, which you simply need to loot to get the cards. With these access cards, you can enter the bunkers. However, in Alfa, there’s a vault that requires a code. So how do you obtain it?

Ways to Obtain the Alfa Bunker Code Post-Update 1.5.5

Thanks to Update 1.5.5, you can now find the bunker code in multiple locations, making it easier for you to get the combination of numbers. Here’s how you can get the code for the Alfa Bunker in Last Day on Earth: Survival:

  • One way to obtain the bunker code is by building a CB radio. You need to have reached at least level 6 and have a skill point available. Then you can build the radio. However, you’ll need 3x pine planks, 5x iron bars, and 1x wiring. With the CB radio, you can not only contact the trader but also have a chance to receive the code for the Alfa Bunker. Once a day, an exclamation mark appears above the object, indicating that the code is being transmitted.
  • You can also find the code as loot from dead soldiers scattered in different areas. Prior to Update 1.5.5, they could only be found in red zones, but now they can be found randomly anywhere. Look for a red cross on your minimap to locate the corpse more quickly.
  • Check the Facebook page of Last Day on Earth: Survival to see if other survivors can help you.

Preparing for and Navigating the Alfa Bunker’s Challenges

Once you’ve entered the code associated with the Alfa Bunker, you’ll have to face hordes of zombies. Additionally, there are turret guns here that you should preferably take out from a distance. So make sure to stock up on plenty of weapons beforehand. In version 1.5.5 and later, you no longer need to bring certain materials to unlock the doors secured by terminals. However, you still need to gather some resources before you can begin your vault tour:

  • 10x rubber parts
  • 12x wiring
  • 15x adhesive tape

By using these materials, you can repair the generator in the first basement and eventually reach the second basement. In both levels, you’ll randomly find some parts for the chopper. You can find a guide on how to build the chopper in the linked article. It’s also worth noting that it’s best to enter the vault with both a melee and a ranged weapon. However, in the underground structure of the Alfa Bunker, you’ll only find one weapon, some equipment, but materials for the motorcycle.

Once you’ve reached the underground part of the Alfa Bunker, disable a turret gun and then turn the valve to shut off the gas. If you fail to do so, you’ll suffer damage from the gas. If you come face to face with the gigantic zombies, it’s essential to have a good weapon and an escape strategy because if they hit you once, you’ll be dead.”


The Alfa Bunker in Last Day on Earth: Survival is a thrilling and challenging location for players, offering both opportunities for great loot and intense confrontations with the undead. As players master the art of survival and navigate the post-apocalyptic world, understanding and preparing for the nuances of the Alfa Bunker becomes crucial. With the right strategy and gear, survivors can unlock its treasures and ensure their continued survival.

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