Is Temu trustworthy? Here’s what you need to consider! Currently, you can see advertisements for the online shop “Temu” on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. They showcase opening prices where you can buy items such as backpacks or shoes for less than 2 euros. What is Temu, what are the experiences, and is this provider trustworthy? “Temu” is a provider from China. The shop has been active in the USA since the end of 2022 and has been making bigger efforts to establish itself in the European market since mid-2023. Consequently, you can see advertisements of this shopping app on various social media platforms. They promise to let you “shop like a billionaire.” Is Temu a competitor to Amazon, or should you rather stay away from this provider?

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## Is Temu trustworthy? Here’s what you should consider

In general, Temu is a trustworthy online shop. It is not a fake shop. Items you order from there will indeed be delivered. However, as with many providers from China, it is important to use your common sense rather than blindly making purchases. Temu works similarly to platforms like Wish, AliExpress, and Joom. Therefore, there are various advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantages of the Temu shop are the **wide selection** of different products and the **affordable prices**. However, like with most China-based shops, there are also some aspects where you should think twice before placing an order:

* Temu does not sell the items directly. Instead, it functions as a platform, similar to eBay. This means you never know exactly who you are buying from. * The shipping is done from abroad, so you have to expect **very long delivery times**. In addition, **customs and service fees** may apply on top of the purchase price. * There are reports from users who have **waited in vain** for their products (source: Trustpilot). * For some items, there have been **deviations from the description**. For example, you might receive clothing in a different color or items that don’t fit. * According to user reports, the **quality** of the purchased items often leaves something to be desired. * Contacting customer service in case of problems can be **difficult**. There is no German-speaking support, and since the provider is located overseas, you can’t simply rely on the buyer rights you are used to within the EU. ## Temu App: Experiences and ratings

According to experts, using the Temu app raises privacy concerns. The app requires unnecessary permissions, such as access to your own photos, videos, contact list, and Wi-Fi information. Trustpilot rates the provider with an overall rating of **3.4 stars**. It is particularly striking that many 5-star reviews include codes that allow you to save money on your next purchase. One can **doubt the authenticity** of these positive reviews and assume that they were only published for advertising purposes or to personally benefit from the codes. Trustpilot users frequently have the following experiences with Temu:

* Coupon codes from other reviews **do not work**. * Items with **very long delivery times**. * Some orders are **not delivered** at all. * Incorrectly delivered items. * **Damaged** items. * Unclear options for **returns**. * Complicated contact with **customer service**. In addition, inadequate quality is often mentioned. So, don’t let the low price blind you and be prepared for the possibility that the product might not fully meet your expectations. Occasionally, it is also reported that the order did not arrive at all. The cause is unclear, possibly the order is still held by customs or got damaged during the long journey from China to Germany. ## Conclusion about the Temu shop

Temu is another provider from China. Those who have already made purchases with such sellers know what to expect. There is a wide selection of items. They entice you with very low prices. However, this is also associated with very long delivery times and questionable quality. If you are ready for a shopping adventure and **don’t have too high expectations**, you can buy from Temu without concerns. However, if you expect high-quality products and do not want to endure lengthy delivery times, you should think twice about placing an order with Temu. One of the main issues is the **excessive permissions** that the Temu app unnecessarily requests. If you want to browse the assortment, you are forced to install the app. In this case, you should block unnecessary requests such as access to your smartphone camera or contact list (Here’s how to change app permissions).

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