Is Revolut reliable? Experiences & reviews

Alana Grace

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While searching for a credit card, you might come across the provider “Revolut”. Here, you can create an account that can be conveniently managed through the app. How reliable is Revolut and what are the experiences of other users?

To obtain a credit card with Revolut, you must open an account. There are different models to choose from. The standard option is free and allows for up to 5 cash withdrawals of up to 200 euros per month, among other benefits. With the paid options, you can increase the limit and enjoy additional advantages.

How reliable is Revolut? Experiences of other users

In general, Revolut is a reliable account and credit card provider. The experiences of previous customers have been very positive. On the often critical user review platform Trustpilot, the provider has an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. The following aspects are highlighted:

  • Easy registration and user interface
  • Fast transfers
  • Good exchange rates
  • Expenses are displayed directly in the app
  • Helpful customer service

The negative reviews mainly come from users whose accounts have been frozen or blocked. Some users also report issues with the Revolut app not functioning correctly. Additionally, some customers complain that the “refer a friend” promotion does not work and that they have not received any bonus for referring new users. The provider’s customer service responds to all negative reviews on Trustpilot and tries to find a solution to any difficulties. However, it should be noted that contact with customer service is only available in English. On Revolut’s website, you can also contact support via chatbot in German.

Revolut: Experiences & Reviews

Signing up with Revolut is possible directly online. Like with all banks, you need to verify your identity. This can be done by uploading a selfie along with a photo of your ID. The account can usually be opened within a few minutes. A Schufa check is not supposed to be carried out. However, it should be noted that the credit card is a virtual version. Only the premium access includes a physical version. You will be provided with either a Visa or Mastercard, and you cannot choose the provider. Furthermore, it may happen that there is occasional switching between different providers. Apple Pay and Google Pay are supported.


For those looking for a free credit card, Revolut is a good option. It should not be used as a primary current account, but it can be a suitable secondary option. You can take advantage of several benefits, such as trading with cryptocurrencies or exchanging currencies. However, it should be noted that you will receive an IBAN from Lithuania beginning with “LT”. While signing up for the account is free, the physical credit card incurs shipping fees. Moreover, free cash withdrawals are limited to 200 Euros, after which fees apply.

Currently, customer service is only available in English. When considering the credit card, it is important to note that it is a prepaid variant, which allows you to make payments and withdraw money anywhere but may not be accepted by all establishments such as car rental companies and travel agencies.

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