iPhone Flip: What we know about Apple’s rumored foldable phone

Alana Grace

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Apple is reportedly working on a foldable phone, which could be called the iPhone Flip, iPhone Fold, or something else entirely. The device is expected to be a game-changer in the smartphone market, as Apple is known for its innovative and polished product designs. However, the launch date and the features of the foldable iPhone are still unclear, as Apple keeps its plans under wraps until they are ready to reveal them. Here is what we have heard so far and what we hope to see in the first foldable iPhone.

Release date and price

The foldable iPhone is likely a long way off, as the latest rumors suggest that it won’t arrive until 2024 or 2025. Display analyst Ross Young, who has a track record for being accurate with such tips, has said that Apple could introduce a foldable iPhone in 2023, but 2024 is probably more realistic. Another analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, has claimed that a foldable iPhone may not come out until 2025. Kuo is also known for his reliable predictions about Apple products.

We don’t know how much the foldable iPhone will cost when it does come out, but we can expect it to be expensive. Most foldable phones today cost well over $1000 / £1000 / AU$2000, and Apple is not known for its cheap prices. The iPhone Flip could be one of the most premium phones ever made by Apple.

Display and design

One of the most important aspects of a foldable phone is the display and how it folds. According to Kuo, the first foldable iPhone will have a huge display measuring 8 inches when unfolded. That would be larger than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, which has a 7.6-inch display, and almost as large as the iPad mini, which has an 8.3-inch display. A different report claims that Apple could be working with LG on a 7.5-inch OLED foldable display panel. Kuo has also said that Apple is testing a 9-inch display for a foldable phone, which would dwarf any other foldable phone on the market right now.

We don’t know what kind of folding mechanism Apple will use for its foldable phone, but there are some clues from its patents and concept drawings. One patent suggests that Apple could use color e-ink displays for the exterior display on foldables, which would be great for saving battery life. Another patent shows that Apple could use touch-sensitive buttons on the sides of the foldable phone, which would allow users to interact with the device without opening it. A third patent reveals that Apple could make the hinge of the foldable phone start to close mid-drop, which would protect the screen from damage.

Specs and features

There is not much information about the specs and features of the foldable iPhone yet, but we can assume that it will have some of the best hardware and software that Apple can offer. The foldable iPhone could run on a custom version of iOS or iPadOS, or a new operating system designed specifically for foldables. It could also have a powerful processor, such as the A15 Bionic chip that is expected to power the iPhone 15, or a newer version of it.

The foldable iPhone could also have some of the features that are common in other iPhones, such as Face ID, wireless charging, water resistance, and 5G connectivity. However, it could also have some unique features that are tailored for foldables, such as multitasking modes, split-screen apps, and stylus support. The camera system of the foldable iPhone could also be impressive, as Apple is known for its excellent photography capabilities.


The foldable iPhone is one of the most anticipated devices from Apple, but it is also one of the most mysterious ones. We don’t know when it will come out, what it will look like, or what it will do. However, we are excited to see what Apple can bring to the foldable phone market, as it has done with many other product categories in the past. The foldable iPhone could be a revolutionary device that changes the way we use our smartphones.

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