iPad / iPhone App Store: How to Return an App – Here’s How

Elizabeth Harper

**iPhone manufacturer Apple is known for its fair handling of refunds. If you buy an Apple device in an Apple Store, you can return it within 14 days without any hassle and get a full refund. But it’s not just hardware that you can easily cancel, you can also return App Store purchases such as iOS apps, songs from the iTunes Store, or books within 14 days of purchase and get your money back. In this article, you will learn how to request an app refund and what you need to consider.**

### How to Return Purchased Apps from the App Store

Returns are possible for purchased content from the App Store, iTunes, Apple Books, and other services like iCloud or in-app purchases. All you need is a device with a browser installed, such as an iPad or an iPhone, and the Apple ID used to purchase the content. In the step-by-step guide below, we will show you how returns work at Apple. Follow our step-by-step guide or take a look at the quick guide.

### Quick Guide

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