iOS 7: The Hidden Sleep Timer for iPhone and iPad (Mini Tip)

Elizabeth Harper

Who hasn’t fallen asleep in front of the TV? These days, digital nomads are more likely to doze off while listening to music or watching videos on their iPhones or iPads. Having a sleep timer would be quite handy, wouldn’t it? But do you need an extra app for that? No.

Admittedly, Apple hides the sleep timer, also known as the snooze function, in an unusual place. You might expect to find it in the music or video app, but that’s not the case. So, where does iOS 7 hide this “secret” snooze function?

To activate the sleep timer (snooze function) in iOS 7, follow these steps:

1. Open the Clock app in iOS 7.
2. Select the last option in the bottom menu: “Timer.”
3. Set a desired time period (maximum 23 hours and 59 minutes, minimum one minute).
4. Below that, you will find the “Timer End” setting. By default, the timer will alert you with the “Radar” sound after the set time period. However, that’s not what we want. Scroll all the way down and choose “Stop Playing” instead.
5. Confirm by tapping “Set” and start the timer. Once the time is up, all playback on your iPhone or iPad will stop. This includes music playlists, podcasts, audiobooks, and videos. This feature should generally work with third-party apps as well, but some apps like Spotify may have difficulties. From now on, if you unexpectedly fall asleep, you no longer have to worry about draining your battery. The player stops, and your iPhone or iPad will activate the automatic lock if enabled and turn off the display, giving you peace and quiet. In conclusion, this is an incredibly useful feature.

Image sources: Apple, GIGA, and Newborn baby by shutterstock

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