Internet 10 Minute Mail – These Alternatives Exist

Elizabeth Harper

Do you need a temporary email address that is valid for exactly 10 minutes? Look no further than 10 Minute Mail. However, if you require more functionality from a disposable email address, there are several alternatives available. Let us introduce them to you below.

### The Best 10 Minute Mail Alternatives

**Mailinator** – Mailinator has been around for years and is a highly reliable provider of temporary email addresses. The website is user-friendly, allowing you to set up an address in less than a minute. The suggested email address feature comes in handy if you can’t think of one yourself. The publicly created email address is deleted within a few hours. While using a single email address for personal use is free, Mailinator offers multiple inboxes with unique email addresses. The free version of this website provides you with millions of inboxes. However, keep in mind that there is no privacy as all inboxes are openly shared. Mailinator offers you a convenient disposable email in a modern design.

**TempMail** – TempMail is another website for disposable emails that instantly generates a temporary email address. The associated inbox is displayed immediately. Through the left menu, you can copy the email address, refresh the inbox, change the address, or delete it. TempMail remembers your IP and changes the email once you request a change. TempMail impresses not only with its temporary email addresses but also with its user-friendly design.

**MailDrop** – MailDrop is very similar to Mailinator, except that it only offers one domain, The advantage of this website is that you can generate a mail ID faster than on other sites. Here, too, you can freely choose your email address or use one of the suggested addresses. The free mailbox on MailDrop is set up in seconds.

**Guerrilla Mail** – Although the Guerrilla Mail website may seem like it’s from the 1990s, it still works really well. Unlike 10 Minute Mail, Guerrilla Mail provides a fake inbox that remains active as long as your session is open. So, if you need a disposable email for 30 minutes, simply leave the browser tab open for 30 minutes. You will only lose your mail ID after closing it. Guerrilla Mail also offers address suggestions and a few domain alternatives if you don’t want to use sharklasers. Old but proven, Guerrilla Mail is still a favorite among users of disposable email addresses.

**Fake Mail Generator** – Fake Mail Generator is another alternative to the 10 Minute Mail platform. To generate a free email address, you just have to visit the website – making it one of the fastest and easiest ways to generate a temporary mail ID. Furthermore, there are various domains to choose from. There are no restrictions on creating the mail ID. Fake Mail Generator also automatically assigns you an address if you don’t want to select one yourself. Fake Mail Generator reliably creates disposable email addresses.

**Dispostable** – Dispostable may not be particularly pleasing to the eye, but it gets the job done. It allows you to create your own email address as long as it ends with However, Dispostable does not suggest names for you. Email addresses can be quickly created here and are valid for three days. Simply enter the desired address at the top and click “Check inbox”. That’s it. Very simple yet effective – Dispostable quickly generates temporary email addresses.

**Getnada** – With GetNada, you get the domain Unfortunately, you cannot choose a random email address; only predefined addresses are available. However, you have the option to create multiple mailboxes. The accounts you create here will be deleted within the next 24 hours but have the great advantage of supporting rich text. You can even customize them to notify you with a sound when you receive a new email. As soon as you open GetNada, a temporary email address is ready for you to use.

These alternatives to 10 Minute Mail provide you with various options for temporary email addresses, each with its own unique features and advantages. Choose the one that suits your needs and enjoy the convenience of disposable emails without compromising your privacy.

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