Instagram Private Profile Viewer: The Truth Behind the Function

Alana Grace

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Instagram offers the option to create private profiles that only selected users can see. Often, these accounts are particularly interesting. Here, you will find out if you can still use the “Instagram Private Profile Viewer” to view their photos.

Most Instagram profiles are public and anyone can view them without needing special permission. But then there are private profiles, whose photos you can only see if you send a request and get approved. Several apps and websites with names like “Instagram Private Profile Viewer” promise that you can discreetly access the pictures from these profiles without the owner noticing. But is that true – or is it even dangerous?

Can You Hack Private Instagram Accounts with a Trick?

No, you can’t!

Private Instagram accounts are secure, and there is no way to access these pictures other than receiving an invitation. But even worse: the apps that promise an “Instagram Private Profile Viewer” and claim that you can see the locked pictures are often trojans or subscription traps.

Online sites pretending to be “Instagram Account Unlockers” are no better. Most scammers try to persuade you to sign up somewhere or participate in surveys before you can see anything.

First, they show you the profile, and then they ask you to accept two offers in order to access the private Instagram pictures. These offers often turn out to be mobile game subscriptions for which you have to pay €4.99 every 7 days.

Needless to say, even after accepting these offers, you still don’t get access to the private Instagram profile and cannot see the pictures. Because, technically, it is still not possible – fortunately.

However, it does happen from time to time that an Instagram account gets hacked. As past incidents have shown, the company often leaves you out in the rain in these situations. You can request help from Instagram, but it usually leads to standard responses. So, Instagram is not 100% secure.

You don’t have to make your Instagram account private to get rid of certain followers. You can also block them.

How Can You See the Pictures in a Private Instagram Profile?

Normally, you can view and even comment on Instagram pictures without needing to know someone or follow them. But with private profiles, it’s different: you can’t even “follow” them if the owner doesn’t want you to.

In that case, there’s only one option: if you want to see a private Instagram profile, you have to send a “friend request”. To do this, go to the private profile and see that the pictures are only visible to “approved followers”. Then, tap/click on the “Follow” button and wait.

The account owner will receive a notification and can decide whether to grant you access to their private account. Only then can you also see the pictures and comments in a private Instagram account.

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