Resetting Your AirPods: A Quick and Easy Guide

Alana Grace

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Are you aware that you can reset your AirPods? Let me show you an easy way to reset your AirPods, including the AirPods Pro, in under 5 minutes!

The AirPods, designed by Apple, are known for their intuitive and convenient use. However, issues such as charging and connection problems may arise. To fix these, Apple recommends using the AirPods’ reset feature. Although it may seem confusing, especially for users unfamiliar with the technology, I’ll provide you with all the essential information on how to properly reset your AirPods.

Because, as they say, a smooth connection makes a happy user!

What is the Reset Feature?

Resetting your AirPods almost feels like a magic trick when you break it down, but as long as you follow the steps correctly, it’s perfectly safe. When you buy and pair your AirPods with your devices, any device that is signed in with the same Apple ID can connect to them.

That’s because, by default, the device where you pair your AirPods is considered the “home device”. But the AirPods that actually made the connection can also access everything they’ve paired with, regardless of the device they’re using. That’s how you can take your AirPods from one device to the next just by logging into your existing account.

So if you make someone else’s device your home device, and theirs, whatever you pair with is accessible to others. As long as you’re logged into your account again on your own device, you’ll also still have access to your AirPods.

Be aware that you are only allowed to have one device, set as your home device at a time. You can also only change which device is your home device five times per year, so you can’t swap too often who you share it with.

Other than that, the only real limitation to resetting is the fact that you can’t reset other people’s AirPods – you have to reset them the old fashioned way. You can even pair the same AirPods at the same time if you want.

How to Reset Your AirPods with the Reset Feature

The reset feature on your AirPods allows you and a friend or family member to reset any and all issues you’ve encountered on your AirPods. This includes issues that you can fix through resetting. Make sure you trust whoever you’re sharing the reset process with as you’ll have to put your AirPods on their device to set it up. This means that even after you log back into your own device, they can still access your AirPods via their device.

  1. Place your AirPods inside the charging case and close the lid. Wait for at least 30 seconds.
  2. On your device, navigate to Settings and select Bluetooth.
  3. Find your AirPods on the list, tap the “i” icon next to them, and select Forget This Device. This action will disconnect your AirPods from all devices associated with your Apple ID.
  4. Open the lid of the charging case and hold the setup button at the back of the case until the status light changes from amber to white.
  5. With the lid still open, place the AirPods close to any of your Apple devices. This will reconnect your AirPods and initiate the setup process.

Important Things to Remember

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Resetting your AirPods can be confusing, even for experienced users. Here are some important facts to keep in mind:

  • The phrase, Home Device, does not mean the device you have in your home. These are custom settings that you assign to the device.
  • You are only allowed to have one Home Device at a time.
  • Home Device settings can only be changed five times a year.
  • If you set up your friend’s device on your Home Device, you can still buy, download, and play media and video games for the device you’re signed into, including your own personal device at home.
  • Any device or media you buy with your account will automatically be available to anyone playing on the Home Device you choose even if you’re signed out.
  • Anyone using the specified Home Device will not be able to access account information, passwords, payment information, etc. As long as you exit the device after making it Home Device. It will still be your Home Device after you exit. That user will only have access to your library of digital content purchases.


As you can see, the AirPods’ reset feature is extremely useful in addressing charging, connection, and other issues. We hope this article has explained why resetting is essential and how you can do it. Now, you can enjoy using your AirPods without worrying about getting disconnected or being unable to charge them. Plus, if you’re considering buying second-hand AirPods, you now know what to look for to make the best of them.

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