How can I start streaming on Twitch?

Elizabeth Harper

Twitch is currently the most well-known live streaming platform on the internet. Every month, over 7 million streamers go live, ranging from big to small channels. If you’ve been a Twitch viewer and now want to start streaming yourself, we have gathered the most important tips for your first Twitch stream.

## What do I need to stream on Twitch?

**Twitch Account**

To publish your own content on the streaming platform, you will need a Twitch account. You must be at least 13 years old to create an account, and if you are under 18, you will need permission from your parents. Creating your own channel and streaming videos on Twitch is free. You can create a Twitch account directly on the Twitch homepage by clicking on “Register” in the top right corner.

**Streaming Software**

To start streaming, you will need special software. There are various programs available, so you can choose the one that suits your streaming needs best. Some popular broadcaster software options include OBS Studio, Streamlabs, XSplit, and Twitch Studio. Twitch Studio, developed by Twitch itself, is recommended for beginners as it is intuitive to use and directly integrated with Twitch. If you have some experience with live videos, you can choose other software options. In most cases, you will need your Twitch account login information as well as your stream key to connect to the software. This guide will show you how to find your Twitch stream key. You can also find more tips on suitable streaming software on the official Twitch support page.

**Suitable Hardware**

Most modern computers can handle streaming, but it’s important to ensure you have enough memory (at least 16 GB of RAM) to stream and run other applications simultaneously, like gaming. Additionally, having a good processor is crucial. If you have a gaming computer capable of running current titles on high graphic settings, you should be able to stream without issues. Depending on your gaming platform, you might need a capture card. This device allows you to transfer audio and video from consoles like PlayStation to another device (e.g., a computer) via USB. If you are playing on a PC, you typically won’t need a capture card for streaming. Ensure you have a stable and fast internet connection for streaming. Generally, the faster the better, with a minimum requirement of 50 Mbps.

**The Right Content**

On Twitch, you can stream whatever you are passionate about. Some content is more popular and attracts more viewers, especially brand new games. However, there are also other topics on Twitch beyond gaming, such as cooking, crafting, and the “Just Chatting” category. In the “Just Chatting” category, streamers usually show themselves and have conversations with their viewers. There are some limitations, though. You should not reveal too much or engage in overly explicit content. For example, you may have heard of “Hottub Streams,” which currently exist in a gray area. Additionally, certain games are not allowed to be streamed on Twitch, especially if they contain explicit content. Take a look at the Twitch community guidelines and the list of prohibited games for more information.

## How do I customize my Twitch channel?

To customize your Twitch channel, click on the profile picture of your channel in the top right corner and select “Channel.” Then, click on “Customize Channel.” Here, you can adjust various information, such as your channel name, profile picture, and streaming schedule. You can edit your channel information on this page in the Creator Dashboard.

By the way, you are now directly in the Creator Dashboard. You can also access it from the homepage by clicking on your profile picture and selecting “Creator Dashboard.” Here, you can make further settings for your stream. Additionally, you can view data from your recent streams, such as follower count and stream duration, on the “Homepage” section.

## What’s next after my first stream?

After your first stream, it’s ideal to continue streaming regularly to build a small community and gain followers. Twitch offers the opportunity to become a Twitch Affiliate. To become an affiliate, you need to stream for a certain duration and have 50 followers. Once you become an affiliate, other users can subscribe to your channel, and you can start earning money on Twitch. If you are particularly successful, you can become a Twitch Partner. We have gathered more information on making money with Twitch here.

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