Google Welcomes New Pixel Superfans

Elizabeth Harper

Google continues its efforts to nurture and grow the community surrounding its Pixel series.

Google has created a devoted community of “true fans” for its Pixel smartphones, known as the Pixel Superfans. Being a member of this program is highly sought after, mainly because there are often various benefits for its members. However, the program is limited and not yet available internationally. Nevertheless, it has been recently confirmed by several individuals, even non-US citizens, on platforms like Reddit that they have been accepted as Pixel Superfans. It seems that the program for the UK is relatively new, as they have just started accepting their first applicants. We still hold onto hope that Google will eventually launch its Superfans community in Germany as well. In the past, there have been instances where German users have received invitations to the Superfans community. I really appreciate the approach of building a community as a manufacturer and creating a sworn camaraderie. So, who exactly are the Pixel Superfans? They are individuals who have a genuine love for Pixel products. This is what inspired Google to create this program – they wanted to provide a special space for fans. Pixel Superfans are among the first to test new Pixel features, attend exclusive events, meet Google personnel, receive exclusive giveaways, and much more. *Follow us on Google News and join our conversation in the Smartdroid Chat on Telegram. Affiliate links marked with * generate a small commission.*+

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