Google unveils new Wifi app for Android devices

Elizabeth Harper

Updated on:

In today’s digital age, more and more components of the Android system are being outsourced into handy apps. One such app is the Google Wi-Fi Provisioner, which has finally been given an explanation in the latest update. Looking at the screenshots, one could already guess what this Android app is all about.

However, Google has now provided a small explanation stating that this app serves as a bridge between WLAN networks and your device.> “The Google Wi-Fi Provisioner is included in your device and allows for over-the-air updates for Wi-Fi network configurations provided by your service provider. This function makes it easier for devices to access more connectivity in more places.”

To me, it seems that this new update aims to simplify the process of updating and maintaining a crucial component of the system. Stay up to date with our latest articles on Google News and join the discussion in the Smartdroid Chat on Telegram. Please note that links marked with * are provisioned affiliate links.

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