Google Link Shortener: What it Can Do for You

Elizabeth Harper

There are several powerful and convenient URL shorteners out there. Naturally, Google has also developed a service that transforms unsightly, endless URLs into shareable shortened URLs. In this article, we will explain what sets the Google Link Shortener apart and how it works.

## Google Link Shortener: How it Works

1. The Google URL shortener can be accessed through the website The page is user-friendly and organized.
2. Using copy and paste, you can enter the URL you want to shorten into the search box. Confirm by clicking “Shorten URL.”
3. The shortened URL will then appear on the right side of the search box, and you can again use copy and paste to share it.

## Google Link Shortener: Additional Features

All shortened URLs created with a Google account are stored and displayed in a list below the search box. What sets Google’s link shortener apart are the additional features integrated into the tool. Google provides some basic analytics information. Once the shortened URL has been created, you can track how many users have clicked on the URL through By clicking “Details” next to the URL name, you can access further statistics on link usage. Referrers, browsers, countries, and platforms of the users are graphically represented. The data can be displayed for different time periods. However, these statistical evaluations are only available if you use the shortener as a registered Google user. The Google Link Shortener is also available as a mobile version – Google URL Shortener – for Android smartphones.

If you’re interested in alternative URL shorteners, we have compiled an overview of the best tools for shortening URLs on the web.

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