Getting Started with Bitcoin: 4 Tips for Crypto Beginners

Alana Grace

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Bitcoin, blockchain, wallet – cryptocurrencies can easily confuse and overwhelm beginners. Many terms are new and the technical background is complex. To ensure a smooth entry into the crypto world, we have summarized the most important tips for getting started.

To help you avoid stumbling when entering the world of Bitcoin, we interviewed Roman Reher, also known as Blocktrainer. He is the operator of the largest German Bitcoin channel on YouTube, and his team and the community in the Blocktrainer forum have supported many people in starting their Bitcoin journey.

You can see his recommendations in the video above in this post.

Bitcoin: Expert Tips for Beginners

Tip #1: Buy instead of mine. At crypto exchanges, you can buy Bitcoin without the need to mine it yourself, which requires high computational effort. Important: Only go to regulated and recognized crypto exchanges. We will show you which ones in our overview of trading apps.

Tip #2: Start with small amounts. If it would hurt you to lose the money, it’s better not to invest in cryptocurrencies at all. If you still want to give it a try, start small, get familiar with the system, and then decide if you want to invest more.

Important to know: You can buy less than 1 Bitcoin. Just as the Euro has cents, in Bitcoin, the smaller unit is called Satoshi (named after the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto). 100 million Satoshis make up 1 Bitcoin.

Tip #3: Prioritize your security. For crypto trading, you should secure your accounts just like you would with online banking. Make sure to choose a complex password and activate two-factor authentication. If you delve deeper into the world of cryptocurrency, consider investing in secure hardware to store your own Bitcoin and private keys for transactions safely. Our recommendation: The BitBox02 for around 120 Euros (view it on the provider’s website).

Tip #4: Stay cool. Be cautious of promises from any experts, panic-inducing news, or hype reports. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies, and each has devoted followers who try to sell you on their investment. Unfortunately, there are also many scammers in this space. Greed can easily lead to falling for their traps and losing a lot of money.

Instead, refer back to points 1 and 2. Take a hands-on approach, learn the system yourself, and gather information from websites like, which have been active for years and provide general information without immediately tempting you into specific financial investments.

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