Finding and Defeating the Kraken in Sea of Thieves

Elizabeth Harper

The Kraken is the most feared sea monster of all time. If you dare to face this fear, you can encounter it in the game Sea of Thieves. While there isn’t much confirmed information about the Kraken in this pirate game, we can still share the facts we know about this sea creature.

It all begins with a massive shadow under your ship. In Sea of Thieves, the Kraken makes itself known through creepy noises and movements. While you may be able to shake off the monster in the beginning, it becomes more challenging as the game progresses. In this article, we will explain what you need to know and how to find the Kraken.

## What Triggers the Kraken’s Appearance?

Do you want to challenge the boss in Sea of Thieves? Or simply face your worst nightmare? There are already some theories about when and how the Kraken appears. Interestingly, it doesn’t matter if it’s day or night; the Kraken can attack at any time. However, it seems to appear more frequently after completing Order of Souls voyages. During these missions, you will be tasked with clearing out Skeleton Forts. Many players have encountered the Kraken unexpectedly after battling in these fortresses. Additionally, the monster tends to appear more frequently when there is a concentration of ships and crews. If at least two ships cross paths, the chances of encountering the Kraken increase. Some players even claim that the probability of a Kraken attack is higher when carrying the rarest Stronghold Chest, which can only be found in the fortresses.

## Can You Defeat the Sea Boss?

Currently, it is only possible to frighten off the Kraken. If the monster sustains too much damage, it will disappear and retreat for the next attack. Yes, you read that right! The battle against the boss occurs in multiple stages, and each encounter becomes increasingly difficult. In the first phase, the monster aims to intimidate you, while in subsequent stages, it starts damaging your ship. According to Rare, the developer studio behind Sea of Thieves, the final phase of the Kraken battle will be a fierce fight where you must destroy all its tentacles before you can defeat its main body. Furthermore, the boss will undergo regular updates to keep the fear factor fresh. However, up until now, the Kraken hasn’t revealed its main body. If you swim beneath your ship at a sufficient depth, you will simply die, but you won’t see the Kraken’s body.

## The Fight Sequence and Rewards

Before the Kraken ensnares your ship with its tentacles, the water beneath you will turn black. Your ship will instantly lose speed and come to a standstill. It will no longer move. Then, the different tentacles will emerge, capable of sucking players in and covering them with ink-like substance. However, being caught by a tentacle does not cause immediate death. When your crew member is grabbed, you have approximately 20 seconds to shoot at the tentacle. If you inflict enough damage, the Kraken will release your comrade. Use a sniper rifle to shoot at the tentacles and make them disappear. If a tentacle entangles your ship, you should attack it with a sword. However, be cautious not to get too close, as you may suffer damage. You can find a visual depiction of a Kraken attack in the YouTube video by snuper 21314.

So, there you have it! Now you have a better understanding of the Kraken in Sea of Thieves, how to find it, and what to expect in battle. Get ready to embark on an exhilarating adventure and face this formidable sea monster.

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