Fallout Shelter: How to Have a Baby – Ensuring the Future Generation

Elizabeth Harper

Image Source: Steam

In the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout Shelter, it may seem irresponsible to bring a baby into the picture. After all, the future doesn’t look exactly promising in the wastelands. However, we will show you how to ensure the arrival of the next generation. In this scenario, you will play the role of Cupid and bring together a suitable man and woman in a barracks. Get ready for some pure romance!

Love is in the radioactive air! Even though the world has gone to ruins in Fallout Shelter, we still need to think about repopulation. Your vault in the mobile game is also affected by this need. To make having a baby a reality, we will reveal the necessary tips for matchmaking, ensuring the arrival of the next generation.

To carry out this process, you will need the barracks in Fallout Shelter as a designated space for reproducing. Follow these steps to successfully set up a match:

  1. Look for a man and a woman among your dwellers with a high charisma rating. You can further enhance this rating by dressing them up in items such as the cozy pajamas.

  2. Place both individuals in the same barracks and let them get to know each other. Allow them some time to bond.

  3. Once the sparks fly, they will retreat to the back room and let their desires run wild. You can easily spot this by the appearance of ascending smiley faces.

  4. The first few months of the pregnancy will be skipped, and the woman will reappear with a baby bump.

  5. Now, wait for three hours until the baby is born.

  6. Finally, give the little bundle of joy a name, and you will have a new vault dweller added to your population.

To effectively increase the population:

The baby will skip the infant phase and mature into an adult after an additional three hours. Just like other dwellers, you can assign tasks to them. Make sure to separate the children from their parents to make room for new couples and to continue growing the population. Additionally, it is advisable to only keep a couple in the barracks until the beginning of the pregnancy. After that, you can assign them other tasks to carry out. Maternity leave is overrated anyway.

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