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Links are essential on the internet when you want to show something interesting to your friends and acquaintances. Of course, there is also a link to your own Facebook profile. However, when you visit the Facebook homepage, you only see your newsfeed, and the browser’s address bar only shows the standard link to the Facebook homepage. This link is not helpful if you want to show your profile to friends or refer to your timeline from your own fan page or blog. But there is a simple way to find the link to your own Facebook profile.

Finding and Sharing Your Facebook Profile Link

If you want to obtain the link to your profile, follow these steps:

  1. After logging in, click on your name at the top.

  2. The homepage URL www.facebook.com is extended by your profile name. So now it should look something like www.facebook.com/user123.

  3. That’s it! You can now copy and send this address from the browser’s address bar or use it as a link to your profile on your blog, a forum, or anywhere else on the internet.

This method is not the only way to determine the URL of your Facebook profile. You can also quickly and easily find the web address by visiting the page https://www.facebook.com/profile.php. If you are already logged in to your browser or your Facebook account is automatically signed in, you will be redirected directly to your timeline. The URL will change automatically accordingly. Depending on your settings, a short, self-chosen username or a long string of numbers, preceded by the abbreviation “id=”, may already be present. You can set the username through your account settings.

Facebook: This Link Always Leads to Your Own Profile

You can also use this direct link to your profile for pranks with your friends or other Facebook users. After the URL component “profile.php”, you can add any other characters, preceded by a question mark. Despite what follows the question mark, you will always land on your own Facebook profile after clicking the link. Consequently, a crafted link could look like https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?070602017-1100. You can initiate the prank with a creative text.

You can use any numbers or letters as long as the additional address component is preceded by a question mark. In this way, you can start little pranks in Facebook groups and play a joke on other users of the social network by providing them with a direct link to their Facebook profile.

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