Exporting an Office Excel File to PDF

Elizabeth Harper

If you want to convert an Excel file to PDF, you have two options: you can either save the Excel spreadsheet directly as a PDF file or convert it using an external provider. In this article, we will show you both methods. Additionally, we will provide guidance if your table is too wide and appears on multiple pages.

## Exporting Excel table to PDF

You can follow our step-by-step guide or check out the concise instructions below.

## Converting Excel online to PDF

Alternatively, you can perform the conversion online. This is especially convenient when using your smartphone, as you don’t need to install Excel as an app. Follow our step-by-step guide or refer to the concise instructions below.

## Table split across multiple pages?

Depending on the layout of your Excel table, formatting errors may occur when saving it as a PDF. For example, if you have created a very wide table, it may automatically be split across multiple pages.

To check if your table is too wide, go to the “View” tab and select “Page Layout.” This will display the distribution of your table.

To ensure your table appears on a single page in the PDF document, you can simply change the page layout to “Landscape” before saving. Switch to the “Page Layout” tab, click on “Orientation,” and select “Landscape.” You can then save the Excel table as a PDF as described above.

## Concise Instructions: Exporting Excel table to PDF

1. Open the Excel file you want to convert to PDF.
2. Go to the “File” tab.
3. Select “Save As” or “Export” and choose the PDF format.
4. Choose a location to save the PDF file and click “Save.”

## Concise Instructions: Converting Excel online to PDF

1. Open your preferred web browser and search for an online Excel to PDF converter.
2. Select a reliable converter from the search results.
3. Follow the instructions on the converter’s website to upload your Excel file and convert it to PDF.
4. Download the converted PDF file to your device.

In conclusion, whether you want to save an Excel file as a PDF or convert it online, these methods provide easy and efficient ways to manage your data. Remember to ensure that your table’s layout is suitable for the desired PDF format, especially if it is wide and might be split across multiple pages.

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