“Ex on the Beach” Season 4: All Contestants, Air Dates, and Episode Overview

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Are you a fan of heartache, bare skin, and plenty of drama? Well, you’re in luck with the fourth season of the reality show “Ex on the Beach” on RTL+. In this show, six single women and men come together in a picturesque beach villa. All of them have one or more ex-partners who suddenly appear as ghosts from the past, creating a real challenge. Because not only do they have to juggle the attention of the desirable bachelors and bachelorettes, but they also have to navigate the complexities of past relationships. One might wonder who wants to rekindle a lost love and who is seeking revenge. One thing is for sure: it won’t be boring, as conflicts and sizzling flirtations are guaranteed. Starting from April 25th, 2023, every Tuesday exclusively on RTL+, you can follow the journey of the contestants. Don’t have an RTL+ subscription yet? In our video, we introduce you to the advantages of this streaming service.

## “Ex on the Beach” 2023: What Happens in Episode 15?

In the 15th episode of “Ex on the Beach,” there will be a new female addition to the cast: Victoria, the ex of Germain, arrives at the beach with revenge on her mind. However, before her arrival, there will be a group vote where her ex takes the lead. As a result, Sasa is reluctantly forced to leave the villa, partly because not every single lady finds him likeable. Paulina also stands by her ex, whom she refers to as her “plaything.” Back to Victoria: Sparks fly right away at the beach, as the 26-year-old refuses to even hug her ex in greeting. “You deceived me, you led me on, you preferred every bitch that was around. And now you want to come here and act like nothing happened,” she argues passionately. Germain, on the other hand, is surprised. He thought his ex “would be happy to see him.” After a relatively relaxed individual date on the beach, the two quarrelsome exes return to the villa. There, Victoria instantly becomes bosom buddies with Paulina and wants to test her ex, Yasin, thoroughly. “I want to see how far he will go. Just to prove that he’s only putting on a show. That’s my f*cking mission!” confidently declares the influencer. Another new arrival, football player Max, joins the episode and seems to hit it off well with Vanessa. Anastasia and Bocc also want to get to know each other better and are sent on a hot Kamasutra-themed date by the infamous “Terror Tablet.” Bocc praises Maurice’s ex-girlfriend highly, saying, “Anastasia is so damn open-minded, that’s something I appreciate in a woman, every woman should be like that.” Ultimately, the two of them passionately make out, much to Maurice’s disapproval. Although he feels slightly “triggered,” he wishes them both a lot of fun. However, Bocc shares his feelings about the situation the next morning during a private conversation with Carina. “I don’t want to get to know anyone just for fun. I don’t know how things will develop, and it messes with my head,” he admits to his former fling. She, in turn, listens calmly but makes it clear that he no longer has a chance with her (“it’s too late for that”). At the end of the episode, there is a big surprise for everyone: the Terror Tablet sends Bocc, Max, and Yasin to the beach to welcome a new rival.

## “Ex on the Beach” 2023: Who are the Contestants in Season 4? In this year’s fourth season, a total of six singles move into a Mexican beach villa. Let’s introduce you to the individual male and female contestants:

– Paulina Ljubas (26) from Cologne: She is a well-known influencer and previously caused a sensation on “Temptation Island VIP.” Her former relationship with Henrik Stoltenberg ended on the show. Afterward, the influencer entered a relationship with Yasin Mohammed. Will she reunite with him or her ex-boyfriend Henrik?
– Chiara Antonella: This 25-year-old influencer from Eckental was previously seen in the fourth season of “Love Island.” Reconnecting with an ex is definitely a possibility for her.
– Carina (23) from Bielefeld: She is familiar to viewers from season 7 of “Love Island” and “Are You the One?”
– Kimi: This 25-year-old technician from Heilbronn is a newcomer to reality TV.
– Roman (23) from Austria: This will be his first appearance as a candidate on TV.
– Jonny Jaspers (30): The Cologne-based restaurateur has already made a name for himself in TV formats such as “Temptation Island” as a seducer. He’s well-versed in matters of the heart but is unsure if ex-partners deserve a second chance.
– Maurice Furkert (27): He is a physiotherapist from Berlin and has been in the villa since episode 4. He is already familiar to viewers as a candidate for “Die Bachelorette” in 2022. Together with his ex-girlfriend Anastasia Hale (23), they have recorded a video for OnlyFans.

## Which Ex-Partners are Involved in “Ex on the Beach” 2023? What would “Ex on the Beach” be without the ex-partners who make the contestants’ lives difficult or want a second chance? Some of the exes taking part in “Ex on the Beach” include:

– Anastasia Hale (Playmate “Miss February 2022”).
– Yasin Mohamed (“Kampf der Realitystars,” “Temptation Island”).
– Tobias Pietrek (“Love Island”).
– Bella Janice (“Temptation Island”).
– Germain Wolf (“Paradise Hotel,” “Are You the One”).
– Max Wilschrey (“Die Bachelorette”).
– Mike Hessel (“Are You the One”).
– Jessica Hnatyk (“Are You the One”).
– Dominik Brcic (“Temptation Island VIP”).

## “Ex on the Beach” Season 4 airs every Tuesday with new episodes

The current season of “Ex on the Beach” has been airing every Tuesday since April 25th, 2023, exclusively on RTL+. Viewers can look forward to a total of 18 episodes airing until August. The air dates are as follows:

– 1st Episode: April 25th, 2023.
– 2nd Episode: May 2nd, 2023.
– 3rd Episode: May 9th, 2023.
– 4th Episode: May 16th, 2023.
– 5th Episode: May 23rd, 2023.
– 6th Episode: May 30th, 2023.
– 7th Episode: June 6th, 2023.
– 8th Episode: June 13th, 2023.
– 9th Episode: June 20th, 2023.
– 10th Episode: June 27th, 2023.
– 11th Episode: July 4th, 2023.
– 12th Episode: July 11th, 2023.
– 13th Episode: July 18th, 2023.
– 14th Episode: July 25th, 2023.
– 15th Episode: August 1st, 2023.
– 16th Episode: August 8th, 2023.
– 17th Episode: August 15th, 2023.
– 18th Episode: August 22nd, 2023.

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## Alternatives to “Ex on the Beach” Season 4

Fans of reality TV shows should mark Tuesdays on their calendars, as that’s when RTL uploads new episodes to stream. Currently, RTL has other reality TV shows in its lineup. In addition to “Ex on the Beach,” the popular loyalty test format “Temptation Island” is back on the air, and we provide weekly updates on this show. Fans of “Sommerhaus der Stars” also have reason to be excited in 2023 because the beloved format will return with new celebrity couples in September. While waiting, you can also tune in to the final episodes of the current season of “The Bachelor” on free TV. On May 10th, 2023, Bachelor David Jackson will reveal if Angelina or Lisa receives his final rose.

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