Evernote Alternatives: The 10 Best Note-Taking Tools

Alana Grace

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With around 225 million users worldwide, Evernote is one of the most popular applications for note-taking and to-do lists. However, after its 10th anniversary and the announcement of new pricing packages, some users are no longer willing to continue using Evernote. If you are also looking for free alternatives to organize your notes, we have put together a few for you.

1. Google Keep

Google Keep is a tool by Google that combines note-taking with web browsing. Quickly capture an idea and easily access it from anywhere. You can create checklists, make voice notes, insert and annotate photos. Everything you add and modify is instantly available on all your connected devices, whether it’s desktop or smartphone. If you want to learn more, also check out our article on Google Keep.

2. OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook that makes collecting, organizing, and sharing digital information easier and faster. It is a perfect alternative to Evernote as it stores text notes, photos, audio and video clips in an organized manner. Notes can be automatically synced via OneDrive, facilitating access to your notebooks from any device.

3. Simplenote

As the name suggests, Simplenote is a simple application for note-taking. You can use it anywhere as the notes are updated on all your devices. Whether you need to quickly find notes with specific tags, share a list, or publish your thoughts, this Evernote alternative has got you covered. You will never lose an important idea in Simplenote. It takes care of everything – backups, sharing, and synchronization.

4. Turtl

Whether it’s bookmarks or passwords, files or shopping lists… Turtl organizes everything and makes it easy for you to find everything later on. Sync it across all your devices and always capture your ideas on the go. Turtl uses high-end encryption to protect your data. Whether you’re concerned about information leaks, competitive advantages, or comprehensive government surveillance, Turtl strives to ensure that only you and the people you choose can see your data.

5. Dropbox Paper

The Evernote alternative Dropbox Paper is an app primarily run on shared Dropbox spaces to capture ideas, create documents, chat, and keep everything together. Thanks to its intelligent formatting and a simple, clear design, Paper allows you to accomplish beautiful work without investing too much time. Paper is a workspace that brings creation and coordination together in one place. When you sync Paper with your calendar, you can easily find the documents you need for each meeting.

6. Notejoy

If you have always struggled with collaboration, it’s time to try Notejoy as a collaborative note-taking system. Noting in Notejoy is as fast as sending an email, so you can effortlessly share everything with the whole team. Thanks to discussions and reactions, it’s easy to give and receive feedback. The impressively fast search allows you to easily find what you need.

7. Nimbus Note

Nimbus Note is a visually appealing Evernote alternative that has a lot to offer. It does pretty much everything Evernote does. With fast synchronization, you have access to your notes anytime, anywhere around the world. The functional web clipper helps you save all important information from the internet: interesting articles you want to read later, materials for presentations, your favorite recipes, and many other things.

8. Workflowy

Workflowy is super simple and that’s why it’s very popular. If you’re looking for something minimalist and want to have everything at a glance, then Workflowy is made for you. What sets it apart from other applications is the large community behind it. Users use Workflowy not only for their notes but also because of the simple design elements. There are hidden third-party apps, integrations, and browser extensions. There’s even an entire book about what you can do with Workflowy.

9. nTask

nTask is one of the most useful free alternatives to Evernote that you can get your hands on. With its simplified user interface and advanced task management features, you can manage your personal and professional tasks with minimal chaos. Although primarily a project management software, you can still easily create checklists to help you with your daily tasks.

One of the most interesting things about nTask is that you can enjoy the luxury of advanced project management while still having a user-friendly experience.

10. Joplin

Looking for more alternatives? Consider Joplin, a robust option for note-taking. With Joplin, you can efficiently manage a multitude of notes within notebooks, conducting searches, copying, tagging, and edits seamlessly within the application or your preferred text editor. It’s noteworthy that Joplin is a free open-source tool. Moreover, it facilitates easy transitions by supporting imports of .enex files from Evernote and Markdown files. Additionally, an offline mode ensures you can continue editing your notes even without an internet connection.

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