Eufycam 3 Review: 4K Surveillance Camera with AI & Plenty of Storage Without Cloud

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The Eufycam 3 (S330), a new wireless surveillance camera (featured topic) from the Anker brand Eufy, offers a significantly higher resolution compared to its predecessor, Eufycam 2. With a resolution of 4K (3840 × 2160 pixels), the Eufycam 3 provides a sharper image, especially when zooming in, similar to the Arlo Ultra 2 (review). One distinguishing feature of the Eufycam 3 is its 100 lumen bright spotlight, which allows for color night vision. The new Homebase 3 (S380) serves as the control center, integrating Eufy’s AI engine called “Bionic Mind”. This allows the camera to differentiate between humans, faces, vehicles, and pets during motion detection. Users who already own Eufycam 2 (review) can also connect it to the new Homebase and benefit from improved motion detection. The self-learning algorithm continuously improves the AI engine, making motion detection more reliable over time. By the end of 2022, Eufy plans to make the new Homebase compatible with additional Eufy surveillance cameras, including Solocams such as L20 (review) and S40 (review), as well as the 1080P Floodlight Cameras (review) and Floodlight Cam 2 Pro (review). The Video Doorbell Dual (review) is expected to work with the new Homebase 3 starting in early 2023. Users will be able to manage up to 16 surveillance cameras and 34 sensors in total. The new Homebase 3, like its predecessors, offers a 16GB internal storage capacity. Additionally, it has a 2.5-inch slot for SATA hard disks or SSDs, allowing users to expand the storage capacity for videos and images up to 16TB. This eliminates the need for expensive cloud storage. Similar to the Solocam S40 (review), the Eufycam 3 is equipped with an integrated solar panel that charges its 13,000mAh battery. Using Sunpower’s leading technology, the solar panel is claimed to provide 25% better charging performance. Just two hours of sunlight per day should be sufficient to power the camera. During testing in November, the sunshine was enough to keep the Eufycam 3’s battery at 100%, while the solar panel of the Solocam S40 proved too weak.

## Installation and Setup of the Eufycam 3

According to the manufacturer, the Eufycam 3 is weatherproof with an IP67 rating and can be used within a temperature range of -20 to 50 degrees Celsius. In case of heavy rain or hail, Eufy recommends installing the camera under a covering. The surveillance camera measures 6.5 × 12.9 × 6.5 cm and weighs 420 grams, which is about 60 grams more than the previous model. It is mounted on a bracket attached to a wall. Unlike the Eufycam 2 Pro, the new version no longer offers a magnetic mount. Eufy recommends mounting the camera at a height of two to three meters. The necessary mounting equipment, including dowels, screws, and brackets, is included in the package. The Homebase needs to be connected to the home router via an Ethernet cable for operation. Unlike the previous version, the new Homebase 3 does not support Wi-Fi connection to the router, limiting the choice of installation locations. The Eufy app is required for setting up the Homebase 3 (S380) and Eufycam 3 (S330). Users need to create an account with Eufy to use the app. An installation assistant guides users through the setup process and provides information about the special features of the Homebase 3 and Eufycam 3, including facial recognition based on photos. The setup of the Homebase and camera is straightforward and can be completed within minutes, with all relevant instructions available within the app.

## Practical Use of the Eufycam 3

The Eufy app offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to navigate. The bottom menu bar includes buttons for devices, events, AI-edge, security, and explore. The devices section on the homepage lists all connected Eufy cameras, displaying a preview image of the most recent event, along with relevant information such as power supply, network status, and the number of registered motions. Users can customize the display order in the app settings. Under the events section, users can find all recorded videos from the connected cameras, along with information about the detected motion (person, pet, face, vehicle, or general motion). The AI-edge button provides access to information about the integrated Bionic Mind AI engine in conjunction with the Homebase 3. Users can also add facial recognition by uploading photos. The person detection range is between two and eight meters, while facial recognition works up to four meters, as long as the camera can capture a significant portion of the face. The facial recognition function worked well in our test, accurately identifying our cat as a pet. While the camera can differentiate between people, faces, pets, and vehicles during motion detection, the app sends a notification for any of these motions by default. However, users can customize the Homebase settings to hide notifications for events with recognized faces. In addition to defining an activity zone for motion detection, users can also set up privacy zones. This feature is particularly useful when the camera is pointing towards a neighboring property in order to comply with data protection regulations. Configured areas will be blacked out in the footage. The camera also supports geofencing, allowing for location-based configurations.

## Video and Audio Quality

The camera provides a wide viewing angle of 135 degrees and records videos and images with a resolution of up to 4K (3840 × 2160 pixels). This results in significantly sharper images compared to models that only offer Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) or 2K (2304 × 1296 pixels). The advantage of higher resolution becomes apparent when zooming in, as even objects that are further away remain distinguishable (see image gallery). The image quality is satisfactory both during the day and at night. However, the Eufycam 3 does not reach the excellent image quality of the wired PoE surveillance camera Annke NCD800 (review) in our test. The two-way audio function worked well, allowing clear communication on both ends.

## Smart Home Integration

The smart home integration of the Eufycam 3 is somewhat lacking, as it is only compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This means users can control the camera with voice commands or view the live feed on smart displays like the Echo Show. Integration with other smart home solutions such as Apple HomeKit or Samsung SmartThings is not supported. However, there is a community app available for Homey Pro (review), which allows users to integrate the Eufy camera and Homebase. Although live streaming is not possible with Homey, only the last event photo is displayed, users can utilize the sensor data within Homey for automation and also control the camera through Apple HomeKit. The camera does not support the ONVIF standard.

## Pricing and Conclusion

The regular price for a bundle consisting of two Eufycam 3 (S330) and one Homebase 3 (S380) is 549 Euro. Until November 28th, Eufy offers a bundle with a 1TB hard drive for 559 Euro. The Eufycam 3 from Eufy, with its 4K resolution and color night vision, provides an excellent wireless surveillance camera option. The integration of the Bionic Mind AI engine in the Homebase 3 enables accurate motion detection by distinguishing between people, faces, vehicles, and pets, resulting in fewer false alarms and more relevant notifications. Additionally, by the end of the year, almost all Eufy cameras will be compatible with the new Homebase 3, allowing them to benefit from the integrated AI engine, including facial recognition. The ability to expand the storage capacity using 2.5-inch hard disks or SSDs eliminates the need for expensive cloud storage. However, the relatively high price of 549 Euro is a downside. Interested buyers should keep an eye out for discount promotions. Another drawback is the lack of compatibility with other smart home solutions.

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