Entertaining General Knowledge Questions: Quiz Questions with Answers

Kyle Renner

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Are you in need of some general knowledge questions to impress in a quiz or to stump your friends? No problem, GIGA has compiled plenty of simple, difficult, funny, and humorous general knowledge questions – all with answers, of course. What is the name of the highest peak on Earth? The answer “Mount Everest” is something everyone should know. But that definitely doesn’t apply to our selection of questions, which actually count as general knowledge. Can you answer them all correctly without looking at the solution or googling?

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## Hilarious Estimation Questions: Top 6

## Funny General Knowledge Quiz Questions (Joke Questions)

## A series of funny questions and answers:

Okay, these questions might be silly. But at least they are suitable for amusing some kids. ## Easy and Difficult General Knowledge Quiz Questions

The following questions also revolve around general knowledge, but some of them are more on the level of high school graduation exams. Surely, you will remember most of them.

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