End of a Well-Known Nintendo Switch Emulator on Android

Elizabeth Harper

**A popular emulator among Switch enthusiasts will come to an end for understandable reasons.**

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that the Nintendo Switch emulator known as Skyline doesn’t have a bright future. As the developers increasingly feel the risk of facing a massive lawsuit from Nintendo, they can no longer continue their work on the well-known emulator. They are now looking to redirect their efforts. > “We find ourselves in a position where we are potentially violating their copyright by continuing to develop our project, Skyline, by dumping keys from our own Switches.”

via AndroidAuthority

While the emulator itself is legal, anything beyond that is not, which is why the difficult decision had to be made to discontinue the program or its further development. In the long run, this emulator will no longer function smoothly, and any potential issues will not be fixed. _Follow us on Google News and join the conversation in the Smartdroid Chat on Telegram. Links marked with * are affiliate links._

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