Elon Musk gives in: Controversial Twitter change will not happen

Kyle Renner

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According to a new brainwave from Elon Musk, Twitter should have permanently gone dark. The platform, which is currently being renamed to X, would then only have a Dark Mode. However, after user complaints, Musk is now backtracking. The dark mode, however, will still become the new standard. ## Musk compromises: Light mode remains

Almost every day, Twitter owner Elon Musk considers how he could change the platform. He often ignores the fact that these changes do not always sit well with users. However, that’s not the case this time: **After complaints, Twitter will still have a Light Mode**. Nevertheless, users should brace themselves for changes. Not long ago, Musk announced that Twitter would bid farewell to the Light Mode. **According to him, the Dark Mode is “better in every way”**. In addition to support from fans, there were also some critical voices that missed the bright mode. Musk should just continue to let users choose which mode they prefer. **Now, there’s a U-turn**. According to Musk, Twitter will still have a Light Mode. However, some users will need to adjust—or rather, take action themselves. At an unspecified time, the Dark Mode will be elevated to the new standard. If you want to experience Twitter in light mode, you will have to manually activate the Light Mode later on. _Even with the independent Twitter alternative Mastodon, there is a light and a dark mode:_

## Twitter: Dimmed display will disappear

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