E-Bike Himiway Escape Pro Review

Alana Grace

Photo by Mountain Weekly News

Himiway e-bikes (best list) are known for their wide tires, making them a real eye-catcher. Fat bikes like the Himiway Escape Pro are still quite rare in everyday life. Unlike typical e-bikes, the Himiway Escape Pro stands out with its 20-inch wide tires and a seat that resembles a moped rather than a bicycle.

Instead of a gas tank, this moped e-bike is equipped with an 840 Wh battery (48 volts, 17.5 Ah), powering the 250-watt rear motor with a maximum torque of 80 Nm and a top speed of 25 km/h, providing a range of 56 to 80 kilometers. It also comes with good lighting, fenders, a luggage rack, front and rear suspension, and decent brakes. Moreover, it can accommodate heavy riders up to 160 kg, which is quite rare in the e-bike market.

Design and Build Quality

The Himiway Escape Pro is delivered partially assembled in a large box. Due to its heavy weight of 42 kg, it is best to assemble it with two people. No additional tools are needed as they are included in the package. The handlebars need to be screwed on and the front wheel needs to be inserted. Then, the front fender and headlight are mounted. Next, the pedals, rear light, and luggage rack are installed. The assembly took us about half an hour.

Before our first ride, we tightened all the screws and inflated the tires, either manually or using an electric pump. We recommend wearing a helmet for the ride. Smart helmets with turn signals, emergency call features, and even built-in speakers are also available. In terms of appearance, the Himiway Escape Pro is a real head-turner. This impression is confirmed by the surprised looks of passersby during the first test ride. This is mainly due to its bulky 20-inch fat bike tires, which are 4 inches wide.

However, the Himiway Escape Pro is far from minimalist in other aspects as well. The manufacturer has equipped it with almost everything one could wish for. The luggage rack with a sleek wooden element is particularly eye-catching. It can also accommodate an optional basket accessory. A basket can also be securely attached to the front. Alternatively, a simple basket can be hung on the handlebars. As a step-through bike, the Himiway Escape Pro is especially suitable for small individuals or people with physical impairments who find it difficult to mount a bike with a top tube. This is further supported by the non-adjustable seat.

According to the manufacturer, the Escape Pro is suitable for individuals with a height between 155 and 185 cm. Our test rider, with a height of 156 cm, felt very comfortable on the bike. The seat was also found to be particularly comfortable and secure. However, the Himiway is too small for individuals over approximately 180 cm. It is impossible to achieve ergonomic pedaling on our second test rider, who is 186 cm tall. The bike is completely painted in matte black and is neatly assembled.

However, the cable management appears somewhat messy. Too many cables lead down from the handlebars. Its massive appearance is also reflected in its high weight of 42 kg. The maximum load capacity of 160 kg is extremely high, which will especially please heavy individuals. It is also beneficial for attaching a child seat, as it can handle the high maximum load.


The handlebars are noticeably curved, akin to a moped. The grips are ergonomic and feel comfortable thanks to the soft faux leather material. On the right side, there is a throttle grip that accelerates the bike up to 6 km/h, serving as a starting aid or assistance for walking. Anything beyond this speed is not permitted. The bell is conveniently located within reach on the left brake lever. The display is quite large, backlit, and still sufficiently readable even in sunlight.

It has a USB-A port for charging smartphones. The control unit of the bike computer is located on the left side of the handlebars. The rider can use five buttons to control functions such as motor assistance level (1-5), display settings, and lighting. The front light is exceptionally bright and focused. The rear light is connected to the circuit and turns on and off with the front light. Additionally, it functions as a brake light and blinks when the brakes are applied.

Riding Experience

An e-fatbike rides a bit more slowly compared to a regular pedelec with standard tires. We have already noticed this with the Eleglide Tankroll and found the same to be true here. The Himiway Escape Pro is not particularly agile, requiring a wider turning radius. However, it maintains straight-line stability and, thanks to its wide tires, soft seat, and front and rear suspension, it smooths out bumps on bike paths, off-road, and in the woods, providing a comfortable ride. This is especially useful when encountering root-covered terrain in the woods. It is also easy to ride over curbs in the city.

Due to the larger contact area of the 4-inch-wide tires on the asphalt, the noise level while riding the moped e-bike is slightly higher than with conventional e-bikes. Riding the Himiway Escape Pro is a lot of fun. It effortlessly rolls over small obstacles that would be insurmountable for regular bicycles. The Escape Pro doesn’t care whether it’s riding on asphalt, grass, sand, or mud. We are thankful for the included fenders, even though we encountered a few splashes on our pants while riding through puddles. The mechanical disc brakes, with a diameter of 180 mm, offer optimal braking performance, which is crucial for a bike weighing 42 kg.


The rear motor has the permissible 250-watt rated power and an unusually high maximum torque of 80 Nm. This provides strong acceleration for the Himiway Escape Pro, effortlessly reaching the allowed top speed of 25 km/h even with heavy riders. Moderate inclines can be easily tackled by the motor. However, for steep hills, the gear ratio of the 7-speed Shimano Altus transmission is not low enough. In such cases, the 6 km/h throttle grip can be useful.

As is typical for rear motors, the motor takes about half a pedal revolution to start and also continues running for the same duration after pedaling stops. The motor immediately stops when the brakes are applied. During the ride, even simulated pedaling is enough to activate the motor assistance. The removable battery, accessed from below with a key, has a high capacity of 840 Wh. According to Himiway, this should provide a range of 56 to 96 km for riders. As usual, this range is measured under ideal conditions with a light rider, good weather, a straight route, and so on.

In our test, with a rider weighing 92 kg on a mostly flat route of almost 20 km, the battery was still two-thirds full. We estimate that a rider weighing about 90 kg, using the maximum assistance level in city traffic with frequent stops and starts, could comfortably cover about 50 km before needing to recharge the Himiway Escape Pro’s battery. Unfortunately, this does come with the drawback of tolerating a relatively loud fan noise from the charger.


The Himiway Escape Pro is priced at approximately 1700 Euros on the Himiway website. For those interested in a fat e-bike who are taller than 180 cm, the Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru (test report) is also available, priced at approximately 1800 Euros.


The Himiway Escape Pro offers a high level of riding comfort with its chunky 20-inch tires and adjustable front and rear suspension. Even light pedaling is sufficient to activate the motor. On flat terrain, simply pretending to pedal is enough to maintain the top speed of 25 km/h. This moped e-bike also provides a sense of security on almost any surface.

It is well-built and stands out due to its moped-like form. Additionally, it comes with plenty of features such as good lighting, fenders, and a seat. The mechanical brakes provide optimal stopping power, the battery capacity is huge, and the motor is exceptionally strong. This is especially advantageous for riders who can take advantage of the unusually high maximum load capacity of 160 kg.

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