Dungeon Keeper 2: Cheats, Tips and Tricks for Wicked Rulers

Elizabeth Harper

We are delighted to see that you have finally regained interest in Bullfrog’s Dungeon Builder, Dungeon Keeper 2. Let’s set aside all the iOS and Android spin-offs and go back to the good old classic. If you need some assistance in setting up your torture chamber, you’ll find the relevant cheats, tips, and tricks right here with us.

## Dungeon Keeper 2 Cheats

To enter the cheat mode, simply press **Ctrl+Alt+C** during the game. Afterwards, you can enter the following cheats while playing:

## Freely Choose Levels in Dungeon Keeper 2

To jump into the level of your choice, right click on Dungeon Keeper 2 and in the address bar, insert the command **dk2.exe – level (Level)** to start the game. Of course, for Level, use one of the 24 levels from the single-player campaign:

By entering **secret1, secret2, secret3, secret4 or secret5**, you can also access one of the secret bonus levels. **On page 2, you will find a complete list of victims in Dungeon Keeper 2.**

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