Download the new Pixel 8 wallpapers on your phone now!

Elizabeth Harper

Looking for some Pixel 8 flair? Then get your hands on the new wallpapers now!

Google’s secrecy doesn’t always work out well, and now even the first contents that were supposed to be introduced with the Pixel 8 series are starting to surface. You can now download the wallpapers that will be the theme of the new models. The designer behind them remains the same as in previous years. This time, it’s all about gemstones and minerals. You can already download all 16 wallpapers of the new theme in high quality and use them on your own Pixel phone. And of course, on all other devices that have a wallpaper function. If you can’t wait any longer, thanks to AndroidAuthority, you can find the Pixel 8 wallpapers on a Google Drive in full resolution. _Follow us on Google News and join us in the Smartdroid Chat on Telegram. Links marked with * are affiliate links that generate commissions._

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