DeepL: My favorite translator is limiting free usage

Elizabeth Harper

Updated on:

DeepL is looking for new ways to encourage more users to sign up for a Pro membership.

Hey, DeepL, what’s going on? Well, to be honest, I never quite understood how you could offer such an amazing service for practically no money. Now, it seems that the Cologne-based startup is realizing that they need to change something about that. Without logging in, DeepL has been limiting translations to only 1,500 characters for some time now. Previously, the limit had already been reduced from 5,000 to 3,000 characters.

If you need more, you have to split your original text into multiple sections. But if you rely on DeepL so much that it’s worth it for you to spend money, the monthly “Starter” subscription costs 8.99 Euro, which allows you to translate text without any limits. Caschy, a tech blogger, reports that there is now even a weekly limit. However, he doesn’t reveal how high it is. It seems that the restriction is implemented through cookies, so there is probably a way to bypass it. Follow us on Google News and join us in the Smartdroid Chat on Telegram. Links marked with * are affiliate links.

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