Daemon Tools Lite Download: Using Virtual Drives

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With the Daemon Tools Lite Download, you can create, save, and mount virtual images as well as emulate virtual drives. Additionally, you can enhance it with various practical extra features through in-app purchases.

The Daemon Tools Lite Download allows you to emulate up to four DT, SCSI, or HDD drives. With the Quick Mount feature, the Daemon Tools Lite Download mounts virtual drives without the need for adding them manually.

Created and downloaded images are stored in a library by Daemon Tools Lite, and the scanning function eliminates the need to add them manually. The scanning function searches the computer for images and adds them to the library automatically. Moreover, the Daemon Tools Lite Download enables image compression and password protection.

Daemon Tools Lite Download: Advanced Functions

  • The Image Editor allows you to convert, edit, and create images.
  • The “Virtual HDD Backup” feature enables you to secure data with VHDs, encrypt them with TrueCrypt, and create RAM disks to enhance performance.
  • The “Disc Burn” function allows you to copy, erase, and burn data and audio CDs.
  • An option for creating bootable USB drives is also available.
  • The virtual burner lets you emulate burning processes, protecting your physical drives.
  • The iSCSI initiator allows you to use shared remote images, VHDs, and physical drives on iSCSI targets.
  • The Advanced Mount feature allows you to configure the mounting process and utilize up to four IDE drives.
  • Another additional function is the ability to mount an unlimited number of DT, SCSI, IDE, and HDD drives simultaneously.
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